Wishing You a Blessed and Blissful Holiday Season


As worn by Phil Jackson, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Jeremy Pivens, Tony Robbins, Avril Lavigne, Misty May-Trainor and more.  Check their necks, wrists and ankles for a multicolor string of gems.  They’ve all been seen sporting Energy Muse jewelry. 


Now you too can wear AVERI.COM Energy Muse custom unisex Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry to achieve wealth, find love, enhance performance and improve health.  Energy Jewelry is a gift which keeps on giving. 


Give your favorite clients, employees, friends and family something exclusive they can carry with them into the New Year and beyond.  Discover the gift that brings earth’s energy near those you love, giving the peace needed in their lives.


20% DISCOUNT ON ALL JEWELRY until year end.  Enter promo code HOLIDAY08 at checkout…….Buy all the wonderful jewelry on-line only at WWW.AVERI.COM   


Book a Psychic Reading for yourself or as a gift with AVERI, MALIBU’S RESIDENT PSYCHIC ~ a great way to start off your New Year!  As one of the top ten psychics in the World, she will help you with whatever you need to know to excel on the spiritual and physical planes. Call AVERI 310.457.3157 or  Email Averi@Averi.com




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