I actually have two prayer requests if you don't mind.

The first is for my dad. He's been battling a few work injuries for several years. One is a hernia which has been operated on twice but only seems to be getting worse. The second is for an upcoming surgery on his arm scheduled for Feb 1st. My dad is such a loving man there is nothing he wouldn't do for his family even if that means he is in discomfort. He and my mom are each others soul mates. I want them both to live a long and healthy life so that my daughter sees first hand what a relationship should be like.

The second is for myself. I have been battling abnormal cervical cells for a few years. I am trying to stay positive about it but could use a little extra prayer. I need to stay strong and beat this so I can set a good example of faith and fight for my daughter.

I appreciate any prayers.

Thank you.