after almost 3 years of a relationship with the woman that i love with all of my heart she left to go back to her baby's dad. Because he has made all kinds of promises .everyone knows he is no good he tried to come back around in Nov. last year but she wouldnt give him the time of day but this year at the exact same time he came back and she took him back .the time frame comes with the tax season which conveniently someone this year has filed as her but when it was suggested it might be him she didnt listen now i sit because i truly believe she is the one.That being said i have tried to move on i guess but every time i try to put her in the back of my mind i get a little reminder as if to say hey you you not done with her yet weather its seeing a picture of her that i know i put away to while cleaning out my closet a card from her falls out of a folder to constantly hearing name like example i went to publix and the cashiers name was liz and the bag boys name was raymond which happen to be both our names stuff like that can someone explain things to me i had planned on asking her to marry me on christmas at the beach in gods eyes.

or some help understanding why if she is with someone else why i get the reminders that i have been getting people have said that she needs to fall on her face and see him for what he really is which i understand but why do i have to be in so much pain and cry every night and just want to die i just dont get it i know i have never felt like this before and i wont be with anyone else but her so if someone could put a prayer in for me Raymond and her elizabeth and ask the good lord to help us find each other again it would help Now i have been praying every night and i carry my rosaries with me everywhere but i dont know what else to do please help i dont know how much more i can endure.