Thank you for this.

My family friend Marina is in plenty of pain right now and I'm still affected the last time I helped her plug in a new cable box and take out the trash for her. She's obese and has many health problems to date. She has a loving heart and sweet spirit, beautiful mind and talents, and I wish her the strength and will to overcome her inner barriers and give herself the help she needs to change her body and mind for the best once and for all.

Also, the homeless, the hungry, the disillusioned, the loveless even though love is everywhere, corrupt politicians whom our society can forget for being human, for all of them to see love and understanding of each other and themselves and feel it more.

For everyone on this planet to find their inner peace, then make outer peace, and truly have fun living life passionately and mindfully with focus and stillness. Thanks for this.

Much respect and I wish you nothing but the best!

To God/Goddess/Gods/Infinite/Universe/Every Higher Power. ~I appreciate and respect you all~

~Thanks Averi~