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Summer Solstice Light & Magic

 Summer Solstice will be at 10:46 PM PST on June 21st. and my birthday will be June 22nd.  As many of you know, I spend my birthdays in prayers and meditations for world peace, good health and prosperity for the planet, for my clients, family and cyber friends.  I will do so again this year at NOON PST on June 22nd and welcome you if you would like to join me again.

 June 21st, the Summer Solstice, is the peak of power when the light reaches its maximum power over darkness. So it is always fun meditating with me on the 22nd ;-)

 This year in particular, an intense high-strung energy will be downloaded to and through each of you to the earth.  I do suggest you consciously ground yourself, stay in the now and allow yourself to be approached without taking offense.    During this time, it is a good idea to eliminate what you don’t need before taking on something new… a great time for making resolutions and vows that require inner strength.

 Blockages caused by imaginary fears can be faced and more easily removed during the Summer Solstice.  The theme is light and clarity.

 We take the light within us, awakening to a new high and recharging our own inner light.  We understand the need to stay in touch with our core light, our sacred contract and our divine service to the earth, the critters on the planet, and all humanity.


Visualize yourself standing in a circle formed by graceful beings of light, could be family, friends, coworkers, angelic beings from another realm.  This circle symbolizes wholeness – with no beginning and no end – acknowledging the flow of light. 

 Slowly breath in and out the love with the group you visualize around you..  Draw into yourself the light and love others give, as you have shared.  Now receive into yourself the blessings others give you.  Take a breath and ground the incoming energies.  Give thanks to God/Goddess/all that is for the experience of life.


Thank you Spirit for your voice we hear in the winds and the trees.  Your breath gives us life, helps us to walk in beauty and strength and to learn the lessons that are hidden in the stones, in the trees and the waters of the sea.

Thank you for the strength to fight our greatest enemies:  ignorance and intolerance.

Oh wondrous Spirit, hear the sounds of our grateful hearts. Thank you for helping us find the wisdom, the joy, the power, and the light that is within each of our souls.  We are the reflections of you, for we are the children of the light.

Thank you Mother Father God for bringing us to another Summer Solstice. We once again honor you and commit to carry forth greater light to all of humanity in all we do, in all we say, in all we are… and so we let it be.


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