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Are you feeling burned out? Tired all the time, depressed? Anxious or more easily frustrated than usual? With everything that is going on in the world right now, itís expected that the cumulative negative energies on our planet are affecting you.

Everyone is being personally affected by the financial market, global economy, environmental issues, war, and a myriad of other personal issues. People are concerned about their security in many ways.

This doesnít mean however that you need to stay in chaos, confusion and fear. There is only the now moment in time and in this now moment, you can bring hope and joy into your life. It is your choice.

You are responsible for how you respond to your current situation. When you decide to get back to your spiritual practices, take control of your negative thinking, you will be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Everything is going to change Ė by the end of next year, nothing will be as it is now.

Even with this chaos and terrorist insanity, Spirit has a plan and to understand the plan, you need to center yourself, ground yourself in the now and not lose sight of your goal, your contribution to the planet. Keep your faith in Spirit and depend on your intuition. Work on it, develop it, perfect it as it will serve you well in the days ahead.

What do you want for yourself and your family in the new year? If you focus only on problems, and there are many today, you will attract similar problems to yourself in the future. Itís a sure thing! If you want a better tomorrow, start now - stay in the now, let go of self sabotage, self pity and begin visualizing your glorious, Light filled tomorrow.

We are all so blessed, even though at times like this it may be hard to believe. This is a crucially pivotal time on our planet. It is more important than ever to look within to find your source of strength and inner wisdom. Itís vital, in spite of your fears and doubts, to look at what you can be grateful for. Fear can send you into a downward spiral that can be difficult to ever climb out of.

Look at your fear, and ask, "Is this really true, or is it just something I am projecting from the past or imaging is going to happen in the future?" If itís real, do something about it! If itís needless worry, than it serves no purpose other than to drain the energy you need to live a happier, fulfilling, successful life. Let it go.

Here are two acronyms for FEAR: Face Everything And Recover, and, False Evidence Appearing Real. Remember things are not as we see them, and most of you have heard me say that worry is 80% interest paid on monies never coming due.

Today, more than ever, there are so many messages of hope in the world. The internet is filled with web sites offering words of hope, meditations, and suggestions for regaining your balance in shaky times. Please check out my website at www.averi.com, or join our message board to share your feeling and insights that could help others.

Take a few minutes to focus on what is good in your life, calm your mind so creative solutions can arrive. Sit or lie down daily for 10 to 30 minutes. Do a guided meditation.

Be aware of your breath as it comes and goes. Focus on a Mantra, or word to still your mind. If thoughts come in, just acknowledge them, then let them go, and return to your mantra or breath meditation.

Think of a time in your life when you felt peaceful, calm, happy and at one with everything around you. Perhaps the time were in love, the birth of a child, received a puppy or kitten, maybe a horse, a raise or when you took a wonderful walk in nature that made you feel good all over. Stay with that feeling for as long as you can. Remember it and place it in your heart. Feel your body transformed by it.

Hold your thumb and any finger together, or make a loose fist, perhaps touch your heart. The area you touch is called an "anchor". Anytime you need to recall this wonderful feeling, no matter where you are (especially in the dentistís office which is where I really use this), you will be able to use your anchor to re create the positive feelings you have just experienced. Itís a simple, yet extremely effective technique and great to know that you can allow this feeling any time you choose.

We all have love and hope in our hearts, but it can get lost in your busy day to day experiences. In spite of what may be going on around you, you can choose to feel good, be clear and present, grounded, and feel love and hope. When you come from that place in your heart it will transmit to those you interact with. You will share positive energy, help someone else to feel better, lift their frequency and vibration and give them a gift to use.

Changing the world begins with you and me. Nowís the time to start.

During this challenging and weird time on our planet, I have added to my site, incredible gemstone jewelry available for you to support your intention for a better life. My clients are reporting rapid energy shifts when they wear the custom pieces. Better moods, things which were slowed are moving again. Several of the ones which are selling well are Wealth, Protection, Health, and Strength ( which can help you focus and receive vitality. Olympians who wore this necklace, came home with gold! Check out who they were on my site). Go to www.averi.com and click on Jewelry to see the incredible pieces. The necklaces and bracelets are available to give you the help, energy and support you need (especially during hard times), and to magnify the energy of your intention. You might also think about giving one of the jewelry pieces or a reading with me as a holiday gift.

I too am here to give you help. Do not spiral down when all you need, as my clients say, is a "Dose of Averi" to help you get back on track. Call my assistant, Kristin at 310.457.3157 or email me to schedule an appointment rather than suffering and struggling through this time.

There are several great and timely messages in my previously sent newsletters, some with meditations and affirmations. My teachings are truly timeless and eternal, see for yourself.

My meditation MP3 downloads can be found in my store and can help you create your miracles.

ORIGINAL AFFIRMATION: "Though I do not control what is happening in the world, I am responsible for my thoughts and generating the courage and wisdom I need to get through it, assuring that my future will reflect back the heights of life I aspire to." ~ Averi Torres

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