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Averiís Cosmic Way

I have been a student of metaphysics and a spiritual teacher for a very long time and used the techniques, tools, secrets and mysteries which I have taught to thousands of my clients all over the world.  I began teaching the cosmic way in 1960, through my organizations then called "Applied Inner Mind Science" and today called "Advanced Life Skills Center" and "One Vision" and as most of you know, I still teach and do my psychic readings.

In the 1980's I wanted to manifest an airplane so I did as I have told you to do in accomplishing your goals - I posted a picture of the plane I wanted, looked at it every day and then thanked God that I had received this plane, a Cessna 402.

My husband Dennis had his private pilot's license and agreed with a smirk that we could get this plane when and IF the situation presented itself.  He was not the believer that I was but he humored me.  Today, he is a total believer in what the power of the mind and intention can do and uses this life approach himself.

I did not have any idea where the money would come from but trusted that God would let me know when I took the first steps of action.

Eleven months later, the exact plane in my photo (even same colors) was made available to us at an incredible price just as we closed a large escrow and we had the money for the plane!  

We bought the plane and of course my husband still to this day remains a little shell shocked (not the first or last time for sure) that my techniques and abilities worked so well and the way the universe responded... I enjoyed writing "goal accomplished" on the picture!

After we enjoyed the plane for a few years, flying to Palm Springs, Mexico and all over, etc., I felt we had something of value to help others with and told Dennis that I wanted to do something good with the airplane.  He agreed immediately and we decided we would talk about it over the next few days.

That night I had a dream of a charitable organization which could fly people for free who needed medical care but no means of transportation to get to their medical treatment. (At the time there was no such organization doing this much needed service.) To this day I know that God enlightened me with my dream!

We had just moved to Malibu, CA and were focusing on finding a new direction for our lives, to find our purpose and passion.  We had closed our large real estate organization and I wanted to do my psychic readings full time (always my first love).

I told Dennis of my dream and he really liked the idea.  Later in the day we ironically (was it really irony or part of our created reality) received a flier in the mail from a fellow in Las Vegas who was trying to start an organization like the one I had dreamt about.  We immediately called him, met with him, but quickly learned that he was not able to move forward so we began work on creating ANGEL FLIGHT, The American Medical Support Team.

We did research and spent 6 months stuffing envelopes to find pilots and volunteers to join us, organizations to know of and use our services (hospitals), create legal documents, and only then realized how much there was to do. Dennis created a newsletter, we both made calls, spoke at organizations and were finally joined by an incredible group of 10 giving, caring people (some pilots and some not).  I am not a pilot but am a great navigator.† We worked tirelessly

All the time I was supporting us with monies from my Readings (psychic sessions or classes with me). I know that God made sure I had enough business to have the money to support Dennis and I, as well as the money needed for starting Angel Flight.

It was several years before we had donations and each flight cost a lot.  Dennis was then working for no pay as Executive Director of Angel Flight (to get it off the ground ~ pun) but we had a mission to do so we did it.  We both trusted that God would not see us to something he did not see us through and prayed that we would have enough money to live on and support the birth of Angel Flight.

That was in 1983.  Today, our little group of 10 pilots who joined us at the Santa Monica Airport and in our home has expanded nationwide.  In June, 2009 the local chapter flew its 40,000th charitable flight and nationwide, has averaged over 25,000 flights per year for several years.

I write this article so you can know that the Universe is filled with miracles, that dreams do come true.  I speak from many experiences.  Open your consciousness to allow that belief in and you will attract your visions to you.  I have always said, "The Universe will rearrange itself, to create your reality".


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