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Your Loving Heart

The plush heart pillows and red-heart picture frames, red-heart-spangled lingerie, foil-wrapped chocolate hearts and heart-shaped candy boxes filling the stores all make it impossible not to notice that Sunday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day!

But when I learned that the author Erich Segal passed away a few weeks ago (he was 72), I thought again of the famous line in his book, “Love Story”: “Love means never having to say you're sorry.” Does it?

Sometimes the only way to break down the stone wall between you and someone you love is to say that you are sorry: sorry about words spoken in anger or fear, sorry about a thoughtless action or a misunderstanding. As I have written before, you must have the courage to release what doesn’t work in your quest to feel love and to manifest cosmic wisdom on earth. But removing the stones in your path will create a clear space in your life for the Spirit to rush in.

As you know, if you give love daily in all ways, it will be magnified, multiplied, and returned to you. Whether you are the one to say “I am sorry” or the one to say “I forgive you,” your heart opens up, allowing the healing energies to flood in. “We only have this now moment in time. The future is coming, and the past is gone. It is in the now moment that we create our future.” My quote is from the 1980s, and it still holds so true today!

In fact, since everything is complete in Spirit, love is already here for you in the Universe, just waiting for you to open and allow yourself to receive it; you are the channel to bring it forth into your story. Trust the power of the universe. Be ready to see what is already in front of you, and give thanks!

Here are affirmations for now and to keep in mind always:

"Thank you God/Goddess, I open and accept greater love now."

"I trust myself and the universe to attract exactly what I need when I need it."

"Love is a gift I choose to receive and give abundantly."

"I give myself permission to be happy, prosperous, healthy, loving, and loved in the now."

Because thoughts are an energy form which will manifest and create, what you are focused on will be magnetized and attracted into your reality. Because what you are focused on is what you make happen, when you want to bring love into your life, the first step is to choose to accept love, and the second step is to be loving ― it really is a choice! What you give is what you will receive, so give love! You are lovable and you are worthy. We all have love and hope in our hearts, and your thoughts of love will create the love you desire.

Scientific research shows that, over time, positive emotions literally change who we are. When you come from that place in your heart, it is transmitted to those you interact with. You may have felt your Spirit merge with those of loved ones or pets when you are in their presence, and, in fact, you merge your consciousness with all living things every day. It is your gift to them when you transmit love, positivity and gratitude.

Think of a time in your life when you felt a calm happiness, at one with everything around you. Breathe in that feeling for a moment, and feel your body transformed by it. Be aware of the present moment. Eons of unconditional love have brought you to this moment. Your Spirit, resonating at the frequency of unconditional love, has been here forever. Breathe into your being all of your gratitude and, slowly exhaling, transmit it to the Universe.

You are the creator of your life. What can you do for other people? How can you make somebody’s day? How can you give love today?

And, of course, remember the immortal words of the creator of “Peanuts,” the late Charles M. Schulz: “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!”

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