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Take a moment to breathe the spring air – if you’re reading this now in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll literally be breathing in the excitement of everything that lives. Although I predict that winter has a few more surprises for us, I know that all of God’s Creation – the animals, plants, animals, even the fungi! – are gathering the energy within them that is ready to be born, and that will flow out irresistibly when the conditions are right.

Scientists are just now beginning to learn about the diverse and elegant chemical signals that ensure the success and the survival of all living things. But we all know that spring stirs the world’s soul, even if we don’t know very much yet about the science. In spring, if you listen attentively, you can hear the first few notes of a magnificent symphony, the choir of the great living world tuning up! All living things are readying themselves to open up to love in their own ways, breathing in and out, gathering their forces, and perhaps getting ready to give birth, to create the next generation or to give birth to their own tender growth.

There is a lovely quotation from the Talmud: "Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers ‘Grow, grow!’” Take a few minutes each day to step outside, and if you can, find a quiet spot close to nature – it might be near a beach, a wooded glade, a city park, or even your own overgrown planter or patch of dormant garden. Take a walk daily.  You may have to move quickly at first to shake off the cobwebs of winter, but slow down a bit. You’ll begin to notice the small changes – the tender leaves unfolding, the grasses poking up through the remnants of winter. Breathe and feel the sunshine, and the breeze caressing your face. Smell the freshness – in the spring, it feels as though the air is full of angels.

Has winter been a time of reserve or hesitation for you? In the face of your own great challenges, has your instinct been to withdraw, step back, stay frozen? Maple sugar farmers in the Northeast and Canada know that the sap flows the most abundantly when the freezing period has been the longest and slowest. Know that change is happening in you even if you can’t see it yet. Relax your shoulders. Take a deep grounding breath and exhale slowly. Allow your heart and soul to open, and to receive peace, calm, and clarity. Even if you can’t feel it, the sweet life-force drawn from the Earth and the warmth of the Spirit is gathering deep within you like sap in a tree. Take another deep breath as you allow the world’s wise Spirit to flow through you, and let it vibrate in harmony with your own natural energy.

The Spring Equinox is when day and night are in balance, when the energies on the planet are intensified to support growth.  This is the time when dreams start to bud and bloom and the soul blossoms. “Spring cleaning” may date back to ancient Persia, and even today Iranians "shake the house" just before the new year, which falls on the first day of spring. For the past 3,500 years, observant Jews have done a thorough "spring cleaning" of their houses before the beginning of Passover. And in Greece and other Christian Orthodox countries, it is the custom to give the house a scrubbing just before Easter, during “Clean Week.” These traditional beliefs can contain valuable truths for all of us: Spring cleaning is both a practical way to live in the now and a symbolic way to prepare for new spiritual growth. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to meditate on what you have that gives you pleasure, what is worth keeping, and what is pulling you down. These days, there are whole books devoted to advice on how to eliminate clutter – but do you really need to be told? I know you can see what’s getting in your way!

Have you accumulated too many things that you don’t really need? Have you substituted the over-consumption of food, or of things, or of mindless entertainment, for meaningful time with family or friends? Have you taken a short-cut to relaxation by zoning out in front of the TV or by gulping down a drink or a pill? You know that those solutions don’t work for very long. In the long run, they just increase your agitation.  Instead, I want you to listen to the peace surrounding you every day and re-affirm your Soul with loving actions and positive affirmations.

The National Furniture Bank Association (nationalfurniturebank.org) provides furniture to victims of hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, families living in poverty and women and children who are starting over after fleeing violent homes. Animal shelters can often welcome donations of soft blankets, towels and sheets to use in the cages (visit Pets911.com). And there are plenty of other charities that would love to have the clothing, books, household items, and electronics you no longer want – and may even supply tax receipts.

Spring is the time for new beginnings and rebirth. The tender shoot of love you hold in your heart can grow into a thriving relationship with your children, your loved ones, your world and yourself. The possibility of change is presenting itself to you now – embrace it!

Original Affirmation:

"I open my heart to resonate with more life, higher love, world peace and honour the Spirit that is always present within me and in all things.

"I am present in the now and use the power of this time to elevate and expand my consciousness. 

"I welcome and flow with the changes on the planet for the prosperity and betterment of all.  I accept all that is good and of God!! "


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Blessings to you for a glorious Spring Equinox on March 20th, 2010, a Happy Passover and a blessed and Happy Easter.


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