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Good Fortune

As we head into tax season, it’s impossible not to reflect on where so much of the money that we gave the government went last year. “Greed is good,” said Michael Douglas as Gordon Gecko in 1987. Gecko is about to make a reappearance soon on movie screens, but that idea and the toxic attitude that comes with it have never really gone away. It has been proven that attitudes are contagious, and Wall Street hasn’t yet recovered from the epidemic of terrible greed that made it so sick. In fact, the epidemic continues to rage.

If you had scammed as much money as Bernie Madoff did, even if you were never caught, would you feel rich? Would you be happy and have peace of mind? All along, he knew he was a betrayer, liar and a thief with no conscience.

Money is not the root of all evil but how you choose to use it will determine its’ value. Money itself is a unit of energy for services rendered, neither good nor bad – how you choose to earn it and spend it is what decides the consequences of having money.

There will always be an emptiness deep inside of you which can never be filled when money is your God. Buying, accumulating more “stuff” will bring temporary relief but that feeling will leave shortly and like an addict, you will need to buy more and more stuff… a vicious circle… never providing you with the peace, joy, happiness and security that you are yearning for.

I am very much for having more than enough money to take care of your needs and those around you. I enjoy what money can do when used wisely, and yes that does include having luxury items in your life. The problems appear when you go out of balance allowing money and “stuff” to become your major focus… to become your identity. When you love money so much that it impacts your emotions, your joy of living, your humanity, it will take you away from your commitments to Spirit and your genuine purpose to be alive at this time.

Take a moment and write down what you believe good fortune and prosperity means to you. It is important to know what you are striving for – and whether in the long run, it will bring you the deep satisfaction, fulfillment and happiness you seek.

We often take “prosperity” to mean having more than enough money-- the world is full of all kinds of wealth and prosperity, opportunities for success, generosity, and love―and there is more than enough for everybody. The belief that there is not enough to go around is pure bunk. There is no need to hoard, steal or live in fear.

When you become generous, Spirit will flood your mind with new ideas. Generosity, prosperity and happiness will come back to you ten-fold; many times as money, opportunities and/or good karma and in the now! It is contagious, and you share love by the smallest acts of kindness. With time speeding up, what you share will come back to you fast!!

The simple act of smiling boosts the level of happiness hormones in your own system. A pleasant exchange, the simple act of holding a door open for someone or a sympathetic smile boosts other people’s well-being, too, and makes them more likely to pay it forward. You have a wonderful potential for self-transformation and to transform the world around you. Will you use it this time?

Having faith, confidence and trust in yourself, you become an open channel for Spirit, attracting abundance and good fortune for yourself and for those around you more quickly. A mind that resides in God/Goddess/all that is… knows that it lives in abundance, and knows that your heart’s desire is already complete in Spirit. You are the channel from the physical plane to the earth plane manifesting wealth, luck, and endless opportunities. Give charity (no matter how small) before your good fortune arrives as it is one of the important ways to show your intention to change your life.


• Thank you God/Goddess/all that is… for being my partner in all the abundance and good fortune I attract.

• I now accept all of Spirit’s gifts and cultivate greater generosity in our world.

• I am a channel for God’s wealth and abundance, a trustee for God’s funds. As it flows through to me, I lovingly and responsibly take care of myself, my family, those who help me spiritually, my community and those who are less fortunate.

• I give thanks to God/Goddess/all that is for being the source of the good fortune, abundance and prosperity now visible in my unbelievably happy life.

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My dear ones, I hope and pray that all of you easily and effortlessly create abundance, prosperity and good fortune in your lives now and forever.

With blessings of Love, Light, Peace and Fulfillment,

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