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Refresh Your Spirit - JUNE 22 MEDITATION

I’ll be celebrating two days in June, one right after the other – first, the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the day in the Northern Hemisphere that is the longest. And second, I’ll be celebrating my birthday on June 22nd. As my clients know and those who know me personally, I have been blessed by an extraordinary ability to see―often not with my eyes but with my heart, and often what is not visible, or what has not yet occurred. Many Northern traditions have special celebrations for the gift of light and Midsummer. Thanking God for the light is also thanking God/Goddess/All that is…for the blessing of sight. For me, sight is bound up with insight, and light with enlightenment. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was born on Midsummer’s Day!

Sight is something most of us take for granted. We open our eyes every morning expecting to see the same old things and so of course, that is what we see.

Artists and poets know that it’s how you see things. There really is nothing new under the sun, but seeing things in a new way creates beauty and our new reality. It opens you up to the beauty that is there, right before your eyes by allowing you to resonate at a newer and higher level.

When you see yourself surrounded by Divine Love, this true mental image of yourself as a child of God/Goddess/all that is, will guide you securely onto the path of creativity, towards a glorious life. Do you see the path you should take, or is the way obscured? During the long light of the Summer Solstice, blockages caused by imaginary fears can be overcome and seen for what they are―imaginary.

Meditation refreshes your spirit and refreshes sight. On my birthday, I invite you to again join me as I meditate on healing, love and prosperity for the planet, for my clients, family and all my friends. I will begin at NOON PST on June 22nd this year and welcome you if you would like to join me. You can meditate as long as you would like and/or focus on a prayer of your choice.

Find a peaceful spot where you won’t be disturbed. Make yourself comfortable with your back straight for energy flow. Relax your shoulders, drop them down (are you surprised they were so high lol ?). Relax your jaw muscles and feel yourself grounding by slowly letting a silver thread run down your backbone, like a root to the center of the earth. Feel it.

Center yourself in your breathing now. Take a slow, luxurious breath in, hold the breath to the count of four, then slowly exhale to the count of four through your nose. Inhale again slowly and deeply to the count of four and slowly exhale out four counts. Repeat this until you feel focused on the breath and fully present in the now.

As you concentrate on your breathing, allow the worries of your day to float away, and close your eyes. Your worries don’t need your attention―don’t be afraid to lose sight of them. Bypass your fretting, thinking mind, and sink into a deeper state of relaxation and awareness.

As your breathing becomes more measured and deeper, you will reach a higher state of consciousness, up the ladder we go, leading to greater focus, creativity, and self-awareness, a more relaxed and peaceful mind.

By meditating together, our spirits are vibrating together in a glorious cosmic hum. Take another deep breath remembering that every breath is a new beginning.

Visualize a beam of golden light streaming into your crown chakra (top of your head) like the sun, moving down towards your toes and back up and out, radiating from within you. Share the light and love that is multiplying as other friends offer their sweetness and share their own love.

Together we are taking the light within us. We feel it warm us as we radiate it back to the Earth, the Earth’s creatures, and all humanity. Feel the union of your Self with all who are meditating, all who are love and light, and with the Divine Force. Accept the blessings that others have offered you, and feel blessed as you also offer out your love and healing energy. Give thanks to God/Goddess/all that is, for experiencing this transcendent moment with me.

Visualize yourself standing at the edge of the sea. Let the sparkle of the light on the waves delight you, like little diamonds dancing. Feel the warmth of the sun caress your face and the sea breeze tickle your nose. As you inhale, imagine the cleansing sea mist filling your lungs―you are sharing in the spirit of the Earth and the Universe.

Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, see it in your mind’s eye. Know that as you create your higher vision, dream, or ideal, you are opening yourself to the power that will help you realize it.

The world is yours, and you have unlimited possibilities for fulfillment, joy and success. Your cosmic dream is now becoming a reality in this moment.

The poet William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” When you step gently out of that infinity, back into your “Self awareness” and the world that surrounds you, avoid falling back into looking at and seeing the things around you in the same old way. Allow your spirit a little space.

Objects may look newborn, colors as washed and bright as the street and sky after a refreshing rain. This is a good time for you to pause in your pursuit of happiness―and just be happy!

Give yourself a gift: “I see myself for who I really am, and know I am a loving, deserving person. I see myself surrounded in love, joy and happiness. I give love. I am love.” “I see the Light as it flows to and through me, raising my vibrations as it touches the hearts and souls of all I meet.”

I am happy to teach you to use your own natural psychic ability to gain control of your life, and to enable you to be more successful in creating love, good health and prosperity.

Dear Ones, may your Midsummer over flow with the blessings of light, peace, prosperity and loving kindness.

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With blessings of Love, Light, Peace and Fulfillment,

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