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Fall Is Approaching

Time is flying by

Our days and years seem to zip by so quickly as adults. When we were children summer seemed to last forever!

Children approach every day with curiosity, and they’re busy figuring out how things work and learning about the world – every waking moment and even in their dreams. We are all born with the need to learn everything we can, and learning gives us all a special kind of pleasure, no matter how old we are – the pleasure of growing our skills, and growing our understanding. After experiencing situations that challenge us to learn, we all come back to “ordinary life” reborn.

Have you ever tried to find your way in a foreign capital or even explored a neighborhood in your own town that you hadn’t visited before? Taken a class as an adult? Learned how to drive, play a sport or game, cook a special dish? Even when we welcome learning new things, it can be stressful – in fact, it might even be the stress that we’re experiencing that wakes us up and allows us to grow. When we step out of what we “know” – even become a little uncomfortable – we become more centered in the now. In Eastern practice, “mindfulness” is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with what you are doing and with those around you.

Today – now – is the balancing point between yesterday and tomorrow. At the Autumn Equinox on September 23, as darkness begins to gain the ascendancy in the Northern Hemisphere, Nature is getting ready to shed her leaves and let go of the past. Fall is a good time for all of us to clear our spirit and let go of the vibrational imprints of the past year – to purge what is non-essential and prepare ourselves for the fresh energy and fresh learning in the new season.

To our subconscious mind, the changing slant of daylight and the promise of crispness in the air triggers the possibility of setting out in a new direction in areas in our lives where the vital energy may have been stuck, and with the freshening of the new season we can learn to look at things in a new way.

When we become immersed in our daily habits, we often forget the greater spiritual picture. But through the proper focusing of your thoughts, you can connect more deeply to God/Goddess/all that is, and to the objects of your desire and – even more important – to what is needed in your life. The more you understand this, the more you will realize that there are no random forces. The spiritual dimension is the most important dimension of reality, since everything that manifests in the physical world is first planned, designed, completed, and then set into motion in the realm of Spirit. Each of us is a channel, a channel to bring through the energy from the spiritual realm, down through to the earth. How will you use this spiritual energy? Are you balancing your worldly success with the evolution of your spirit, your learning?

For many cultures and religions, fall is an excellent time to take stock of what has been accomplished and look forward to what lies ahead. In Japan, it is thought that the equinoxes are ideal moments to reflect on the meaning of life because they are the most temperate times of the year. In some faiths the Earth’s equinoxes symbolize the breath of all life, contraction and expansion. The autumn equinox is also when the sun enters Libra, the Scales of Balance.

Rosh Hashanah falls in the month that God created the world, according to Jewish Orthodox belief, and the “Head of the Year” (which is what Rosh Hashanah means in Hebrew) is the world’s birthday. We are now in the ten day period between Rosh Hashanah, which began September 8th, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. During these High Holy Days, let's take time to reflect upon and contemplate our life experiences. Remember that because we are children of God, we can be both human and holy at the same time. And we can use the clear contemplative energies of fall to support the changes necessary for learning, for higher spiritual awareness and for our evolution in a way that will manifest prosperity and love.

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