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Halloween ~ The Veil Between The Worlds Is Lifting

Many traditional Christian cultures believe that Halloween on October 31st and All Saints Day on November 1st are the days when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is lifted, allowing for easy connections to the Spirits who have already crossed over. 

Humanity’s deepest fear is fear of the unknown, but on these days, those who have passed are able to reassure us that they are all right, and that there is nothing to fear.  It is easy to make contact with those you care about who have passed on.

In some Catholic countries, like Mexico, family and friends will visit the graves of loved ones with gifts on the Day of the Dead on November 2nd.  Death is part of the balance of life and of the natural order of things. 

To remember those who came before us is to know that we are not alone on life’s path.  To remember their love is to give you hope.  To remember their struggle is to give you courage.  And to remember their pain lets the gift of compassion grow in your soul, for all beings who are alive and for those who may be suffering now.

These days can be a time for meditating on the gifts your loved ones have left you.  In remembering those who have passed on before us, we are opening our hearts to the mysterious and honoring the Divine.  As you know, true gratitude is the secret to happiness, prosperity and a loved-filled world.

When wounded, our personal suffering is so deeply felt that it is sometimes hard to remember that we are a part of a bigger picture.  In the wake of the financial meltdown that so wounded the nation, and so convulsed the world, many people suffered financial losses, lost jobs or have even lost their homes.  Others can’t even identify the exact nature of the loss they continue to feel.  They just know that something hurts, that something is out of balance. 

At times like these, we must accept that transition can be challenging and difficult to live through.  We always find though, that the pain will cease and the blessings of this time make themselves known.

Kaballah wisdom tells each of us how important it is not to give in to despair.  We must keep our minds steadily focused on truth and goodness, and not allow ourselves to be sucked into the quicksand of apprehension and doubt.  We now know that the way to escape the quicksand isn’t to struggle, kick and flail, but to stay calm, taking the necessary actions to save ourselves.

Anything that lets us experience an alternate state of mind, whether going deeper or stepping out of ourselves, helps us to see life from a slightly unfamiliar angle.  When I was young, Halloween was for kids (though accompanied by adults).  Maybe a teacher would wear a witch hat for a school party, but it was mostly a children’s holiday, a day to dress up like a princess, superheroes, or scary monsters, to run up and down familiar streets made unfamiliar by the dark, and a chance to overdose on sugar.

I began noticing in the ‘70s that Halloween was starting to change, and probably sooner in California than anywhere else.  Tellers in banks were wearing bunny ears and rainbow wigs, and instead of just kid-carved pumpkins, more and more decorations – whole sets and scenes, with elaborate props, Hollywood-grade sound effects, and moms and dads in ghoulish character –competed on neighborhood streets.  For Halloween, like so many things, the boomers are refusing to relinquish childhood, and of course, when consumerism sees its opportunity it jumps right in.

On Halloween, people aren’t shrugging off the serious business for life, just hoping to nudge it aside for a few hours.  Something more serious is going on, too – wearing a costume or wig or makeup lets us rumple the smooth boundary that usually exists between ourselves and others in the world.  By letting ourselves indulge in a bit of public make-believe, and revealing to strangers a playful version of our silliest selves, perhaps even our alter egos, we are expressing our trust in our neighbors, and in the world.  We are sharing a bit of the light that flows through, without filters. 

Your unique Spirit is a spark of the Divine.  It shines through you to all those around you.  If your intention is to bring all of humanity together as a loving, peaceful people and nation, it is important for you to be strong in your beliefs, and focus your mind on the perfection of your inner Spirit, the Light we all bring to the world.  The Universe, Earth and everything within, including our own existence in this amazing and constantly evolving universe, is sacred.

This year as you celebrate All Hallows Eve, enjoy the playfulness of spirit, and share the costumes of your alter-ego, laugh with the kids, eat apples & yummy candy… before entering your everyday world, please remember to spin/spiral God’s White Light of Protection around yourself and your loved ones as I have shown you.  Keep in mind that whenever you open to the spirit world, it is essential to protect yourself with the Light of God’s peace, love, balance, harmony and protection, the Light which converts any negativity sent in your direction into positive power for your use.  Some spirits can be very mischievous and you want to be ready for what may be coming your way.

Blessings and love to you, my dear sweet spirits for a happy and safe Halloween.

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