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Averi's Newsletter  

March 2011   

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hope Springs

By Averi Torres

If you’ve been watching the Weather Channel (or just looking out the window in some parts of the country) it’s hard to believe that winter is almost over. Spring arrives March 20th, and every day we feel more daylight.  Our bodies need sunlight to make Vitamin D, and many of the amazing healing and health-preserving properties of Vitamin D3 are now being discovered. We, like every other living being, are finely-tuned instruments of the Universe, and are attuned to its rhythms.  We know we always feel better in the light!

The word “Spring” always makes me smile. Above all, it’s a word full of tender unfolding – the name of the season of hope. Hope always opens up the future, and reaches forward into the bright light of what we can be. I often point out that “if you can imagine it, you can become it.”

With hope in our hearts, we’re not limited only to what we can imagine in the moment. Sometimes, we can’t imagine what we can become in the future, but that must not be seen as a negative. It can be challenging to know what will be possible, what strengths we will need and  what will be good for us in the future of our lives.  It is an important learning experience to learn the steps to self discovery.

When we live with hope in the now, we are providing the breathing space, the oxygen, and the sunlight that allows positive changes to evolve in our lives.  We have the opportunity of being present when Spirit gives us the answers and the guidance needed.

Hope leaves us open to what God/the Goddess/Spirit is wanting to give us. Hope is a prayerful attitude, and it pays honor to the Spirit of the Universe. Opening yourself to hope will change your life.

As I have written before, “I believe that thoughts are an energy which can manifest and create, and what you focus on is what you make happen.”

When you are hopeful you set aside your defences. Hope is the lens that neutralizes negative thoughts and takes power from them. What use are such thoughts to you, anyway?   They are not what you really are hoping to create. They are just the echoes of what others programmed into you. Teach your mind to react in a way that nourishes you. It is a great step toward changing your outer physical reality, and will bring you more creativity, greater peace, happiness, personal power, love, good health and success – it really can be easy.

Thoughts are an energy and what you hope for will be magnetized and attracted into your reality. Allow yourself to express how wonderful you will feel when the things you are hoping for come to fruition.

These affirmations are a gift from me to you, and I hope you accept these gifts and their magical energy, which are sent with my love.

  • The future is a gift I choose to receive abundantly.
  • I am guided towards the things to build and the people with whom to build them.
  • I relax and trust the power of the universe.
  • I give myself permission to be happy, prosperous, loving, healthy, and satisfied in the now.
  • I hav e the courage to release what doesn’t work in my quest to feel love and to manifest cosmic wisdom on earth.
  • I am strong, and hope without fear.
  • I honor and support the hope I see in others, knowing it will be magnified, multiplied, and returned to me in all ways so I can serve others.

Today, the headlines are filled with remarkable stories of triumph that began with the most timid and unlikely of hopes. Changing the world begins with you and me, and now’s the time to start.

When you come from a hopeful place, you transmit that energy to those you interact with. What has inspired you? Join our message board at www.averi.com. When you share your hopes and your ideas, two things happen; when you share your own positive energy and help someone else feel better, you are giving them the precious gift of encouragement. You are also allowing your own spirit to have more hope by reaching out, making the way clear for their hopes and your hopes to manifest.

All of us are blessed, even though at times it may be hard to believe. It is more important than ever during these challenging times to trust our own strength and inner wisdom.

When worry clouds your vision, it isn’t helping you see the way forward. It is only draining your energy – let it go. Take a few minutes to focus on what is good in your life, and calm your mind so creative solutions can arrive.

 Remember, if you feel lost or confused, I am here. I am always happy to remind you of what you already know – that you are at the center of a vast twinkling miracle.  Matter of fact, that you are the miracle!! Many paths stretch out before you, and they are all pointing to a happier, fulfilling, successful life. If you need “a dose of Averi” to help you get back on track and restore your hope, please call my assistant Janet at 310.457.3157 or e-mail me to schedule an appointment.


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I am sending each of you higher waves of divine love, light, peace and hope.



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