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Averi's Newsletter  

June 2011   

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Father’s Day, Boost Your Essence

By Averi Torres

Do you look forward to Father’s Day as a special occasion to let your father know what he means to you? Good fathers give us the foundation that nurtures the roots of our deepest talents and the shelter that lets us develop the wings to reach our highest aspirations. Sometimes we’re too self-conscious to reveal what’s really in our hearts to the people who mean the most to us.  

Remember, you choose this man to be your father before you were even born, whether karmic or soul evolution, but it was your choice.  A very important life lesson indeed, and if you learn from it, you will not have to repeat it in the future.

Every day of the year―not just on Father’s Day―we need to show gratitude and be good to the people (men and women) in our lives who have chosen to use their energy to nurture us, ground us, pray for and encourage us to be our best selves. We need to give that energy to ourselves as well.

Recognizing yourself as a person who cares for and “takes care” of others is a wonderful way to honor your father on any day. It may be your own inner gift that has been your guide and your strength ‒ your faith in the goodness of life and in God/Goddess/the Spirit of the World. Of course, many religions conceive of that spirit as “Our Father” – and I believe that the creative Fathering Spirit is present in every atom of vibratory creation, joining together with Mother Earth to produce its amazing richness and exuberant fertility.

There are negative energies that are affecting us all around the globe today. I have predicted many of the extraordinary floods, fires, storms and earthquakes that are wracking the Earth. As I have pointed out, it is sometimes possible to catch a glimpse of many dimensions at once when the boundaries between dimensions begin to crack and blur, if you are particularly sensitive. Although these are invisible to the sight of many people, we are all attuned on the deepest level to their power.  You may not know where this message is coming from or really understand it, but your subconscious is attuned to its meaning, and you will find your mood uplifted by its energy.

As we know, our beloved animals are exquisitely sensitive to disturbances in the Earth’s energy and the energy of all living things around them. You may need some practice before you learn to hear and understand the messages that you are receiving from the Universe with your deepest  perceptions. Trust yourself, and trust your God-given gifts: as I have said before and you surely know, only by believing do we see.

Whatever you focus on causes the activation of receptive vibrations within you, putting you in harmony with the abundant Universe. When you focus on abundant wealth, peace, love, giving and compassion, you activate beneficial vibrations in all areas of your life and attract those things to you. If you transmit peaceful thoughts, love, light, energy and action to all you come in contact with, you are enriching the world, your own soul and God/Goddess/all that is…

Just like all good fathers watch over their children and provide the security that will give them the confidence and courage they’ll need to venture out into the world and thrive, the Universe can be counted on to provide for us. It is from this secure base that we are able to offer our own generosity, creativity and love to others.

Love is flowing strongly in the world for those who are willing to accept it.  I am seeing it increase and that delights me. Love opens a soul just as fear closes it down, and we need more of it for peace on Earth. By offering your deepest love of Spirit and your support to others, even more will be given to you, magnified and multiplied.  This I know to be true!


  • I am empathic, kind, caring and considerate towards all of God’s children, including animals, and let it begin now.

  • I meet any form of opposition by holding thoughts and feelings that are kind, uplifting and helpful.  I am kind, uplifting, and helpful.

  • I am in the now flow with everlasting abundance.  I am attuned to the vibrations of cosmic consciousness and awareness, accepting the abundance of God’s bequest to me…this is my birthright and I give thanks.

  • I listen to my heart and soul. I acknowledge my intuitive gifts for love, sight, understanding, healing and interdimensional expansion.  When I express my gifts, God is honored and I am fulfilled.

  • I am joyful and nurture my Soul every day with positive affirmations and loving actions.


It may sometimes feel like I want you to stretch beyond your comfort zone.  It is in striving to become more that we support our souls growth towards our own personal expression of excellence as well as expansion of our global evolution! What I love best about my work is helping people step beyond what is blocking them (seen or unseen)―helping them to come alive, awaken and live in the now according to the blueprint of their essence.

With my ability to see the future I have guided you, my dear clients, to recognize your own visions and intentions more clearly and shown you what you are creating.  I have helped you to stay in the now and manifest what you want your future to look like. Now, in addition to all that, I am helping you to raise your vibrations to the next dimension, clarify your intentions, create your new future with higher love, global peace and long lasting prosperity.  I am helping you to birth a new world!  I am so proud of each and every one of you and love you dearly.

If you are wondering about how my readings may help you, please call 310 457-1165 or e-mail me.

I wish all the fathers of our fine universe a very Happy Father’s Day and send prayers and energy of gratitude to our beloved Father Sky for all he gives to each of us.

This Father’s Day, let your father know that you honor and cherish his nurturing and loving spirit with one of the beautiful energy gemstone pieces available on my jewelry pages at www.averi.com/jewelry.  And a gentle reminder, knowing how you care for pets in your home, remember that you too are a father (male or female); it might be a great idea to honour your own fathering spirit with one of these lovely earth energy intention pieces of jewelry!

Have you been to my web site lately? At www.averi.com, I have a new section on my homepage where I have been adding predictions, affirmations and thoughts in the moment, called “Averi’s Cosmic Path”.  Check it out, it is interesting, fun and a way for me to communicate directly and timely to all of you.

My dear ones, I hope and pray that all of you easily and effortlessly create abundance, prosperity, good health, love and good fortune in your lives now and forever.  Happy Father’s Day!

With blessings of Love, Light, Peace and Fulfillment,


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