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Averi's Newsletter  

November 2011   

November 9, 2011

Welcome Home

By Averi Torres

The first Thanksgiving in America was celebrated by the Pilgrims to give thanks to the Native Americans who had helped them to survive their first brutal winter in New England. Now Thanksgiving is one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year for traveling in America, as family members come together for the few days of holiday. It began as a religious holiday, but for many, Thanksgiving is now a time to celebrate the warmth of family, tradition, whether with relatives, partners, friends or your pets.

For those of us who have experienced losses or had a challenging year, or whose lives never did attain a rosy picture-perfect ideal, Thanksgiving is still one of the best times in the year to give thanks to God/Goddess/all that is — for your ability to feel, to think, and for your own tender giving heart and soul.  To give thanks for the breath you are taking now as you read this.  With your thanks and show of gratitude, you are also inviting abundant good into your life.

The energy fields of humans and other sentient beings, which are sometimes called auras, radiate from within and glow around the body. Auras are reflections of your thoughts and emotions which connect you to all living things. They can be recorded by sophisticated photographic equipment and may even be visible to the naked eye and felt, especially to trained practitioners of bioenergetics, energy medicine, and energy spirituality.

Although I can see your aura’s mental and emotional layers, shimmering and temporary, many times changing with the change in your thoughts and mood.  In my readings I see energy coming from one’s soul and read that soul energy as I find it is pure and gives an accurate picture of a person’s life.  When I connect with your soul energy, I connect with the energy of God and who better to give insights into your life.  Interestingly, many times when my clients sit with me, ready for their readings, they begin to tear up– when I ask if anything is wrong, they reply with “I feel like I am finally home”.

I think the true meaning of home has “welcome” built right into it. A “welcome home” is the only one we really want to return to or visit.  A home is where you can feel a non-judgmental, loving heart opening for you.  And although we arrange the stuff that goes into our houses, it is our loving Spirit that makes a home. We know that home isn’t what something looks like—it’s what it feels like.

You only have the now moment in time.  When you are alone, “by yourself,” it is the time to be with yourselves, to turn the kindness usually reserved for others into yourself. Set aside fear, self-pity, sadness or anger. When you love and are compassionate with yourself, you will feel the bliss of pure, loving Spirit and know that you really are never “alone.”   It is then that you can feel the presence of God/Goddess with you and oh! what a glorious feeling, beyond words!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with others and/or to appreciate who you are when alone, and really make the most of that precious time given to you as a gift.

When you offer thanks and forgiveness to yourselves, you open your hearts to others in a way you have never done before. It is so important to be patient with yourself as well as gentle and compassionate with others.  Only then can you feel the new dimensions of love, peace and harmony awaiting you.  Practice this now for in 2012, you will be called upon to use this energy for the advancement of humankind and our blessed animals.

You will discover that many of your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths, and that your greatest gifts are often buried beneath your greatest insecurities. When you know you are a child of God, the world really becomes your family and you will discover that you are welcome and at home anywhere in the world.  We are all ONE.

Today take a moment and answer the question: "What am I grateful for?" Write out your answer. Ask yourself that question everyday leading up to Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, when sitting with family, friends, partners, or even by yourself with your dog and/or cat, horse too, start your meal by saying, "I give thanks to the God of my understanding. I am thankful and grateful for (fill in the blank)." This is a wonderful tradition to pass along each year.


I give thanks to God/Goddess for the sweet mysteries of life, the hope and the love in my heart.

It's good to remember that the most important things are not what we already know, but what our passions and beliefs give us the ability to discover -- about the God of your understanding, the world, the future, ourselves and our destinies we are creating.


Stop the struggle! I am on this planet to help you in all ways, in all areas. I can coach/guide you to greatness and happiness, giving support during the earth changes coming in 2012. If you so desire, please call 310.457.3157 for more information on what I can do for you personally and professionally.

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My blessings and love to all of you my dear special souls!

I am sending each of you waves of the highest divine love, light, peace, health, abundance and joy.

Love Always and Forever,


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