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Averi's Newsletter  

December 2011   

December 14, 2011

Shining Your Light

By Averi Torres

Deep within us, deeper than our bodily sensations, at the level of our God-given soul, we are creatures who are deeply connected to the rest of the natural world. The solstices remain significant to us even in the 21st century. Once the shortest day has passed for Winter Solstice on December 21st, it is comforting to know that the days are getting longer and the light is returning. The promise of more light also lightens our hearts.

Since they didn’t have our understanding of astronomy, our ancestors experienced the return of the light as a yearly miracle. They recognized that midwinter, the darkest time of the year, was also when supernatural forces were able to cross to the realm of humanity, and when other miracles and magic were also most likely to occur. Christmas is a most joyous holiday celebrated December 25th, just following the Winter Solstice with Saturnalia, Kwanzaa, Yule, and Hanukkah also celebrated around this time.

Christmas, marks the birth of Jesus Christ, which for Christian believers means a gift from God to mankind and symbolized the birth of a new kind of hope in the world. Like Christmas, Hanukkah celebrates a historical event that also happened a little more than 2000 years ago, when the Maccabees fought back and won after King Antiochus banned their traditional Jewish religion. The Greek soldiers had desecrated almost all of the ritual oil in the Temple. Although only enough oil was left to keep the flame of the Temple’s menorah burning for a single day, the flame burned for eight days and nights, giving the Jewish people time to rebuild their Temple.

Whether we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or one of the other holy days during this season, we can all recognize the important universal truth that the Chanukah story illuminates:

There is much more goodness and light in the Universe and more reserves of strength and reserves of energy in you than you can imagine. God/Goddess will sustain you for much longer than you think He/She will.

Our lives may be so busy, especially during the run-up to these holidays, that we might sometimes feel as though we’re running on empty. You might be amazed to learn that one of the best ways to replenish your own energy and access your own power is to take a moment to transmit your light to someone else who is in need. With each transmission your light grows brighter, stronger, more powerful and focused.

During emergencies we notice this power most clearly. A sudden threat to a beloved family member, pet or friend may seem to tap into our “superhuman” energies of goodwill and protection—but I know that the “superhuman” is nothing other than Spirit coming to your aide, called from the depth within our soul, channelled by our fierce love.

We don’t need a crisis or an emergency to send energy and light toward the person or situation you want to heal. You can direct the vibrational strength of your positivity, whether it manifests itself as blessings, prayers, or calming affirmations directed at the one you wish to help.

To transmit pure light, simply visualize the person you are transmitting to, see them before you in your mind’s eye.  Send them light (different colors for different purposes) – I use white light for protection and most importantly, to help another to raise their frequency of vibration to God Consciousness; purple for healing; pink for love and opening another’s heart. 

You can either send a beam of light from your third eye to their third eye or heart; or you can envision the recipient surrounded by the Light.   Mainly though, I ask Spirit to send through me the color needed for the various situation and/or the other’s highest and best good and transmit that color, receiving a successful outcome 98% of the time..

With mindful and directed prayer we are using our powers to channel waves of well-being that act like psychic sunshine and envelop the totality of person so blessed, helping to stimulate his/her body’s own natural healing mechanisms.

A Prayer for Transmitting Light During the Winter Solstice and Holiday Season:

Thank you God/Goddess for your promise of abundant strength that glows even in the darkness of the shortest winter days and outshines the blazing winter stars. Help those in need (use name if you desire) to find the joy, power, and the light that is within each of our souls, even on the darkest of days. I am the child of Light and reflect your glory back into the Universe.

It is Your Light that gives us life, and helps us to feel peaceful, nurtured and uplifted. Thank you Mother/Father/God for bringing us to another Winter Solstice and gloriously Happy Holiday Season.  We honour you and commit to preserving the Light within us, sending it forth in all that we do and are … and so we let it be.

So often, “empowerment” is really just taking your foot off the brake! Don’t be surprised by or afraid of projecting your own powers—when you get entangled in regrets about past actions, self-doubt or false belief in your limitations, you are just getting in the way of Spirit’s transmission of His/Her gifts through you. The gifts of The Divine are many times richer than you can consciously know ~  there are no limits to what you can give once you develop and use your Light consciousness.  Remember, all things are possible with God!

Many blessings my dear special Spirits (yes, that’s you) for a Happy and Blissful Holiday, filled with light, love, abundance, good health, prosperity, enlightenment and fulfillment.

Love Always and Forever,


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