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Averi's Newsletter  

February 2012   

February 7, 2012

Loving Spirit

Google "Valentine's Day" and you'll get more than 20 million hits, and if you google "love," you'll get almost 9 billion! There are sites for love songs and love poems and love magazines, links to love quotes, mushy date movies and gimmicky interactive "love calculators." A number of sites even claim to explain how love works -- as far as the mechanics go, it seems that it really is all about the chemistry! The chemicals that our bodies produce when we're in love, such as endorphins, dopamine, and norepinephrine, all give us a general sense of well-being and produce feelings of peace and security.  (By the way, exercise, deep breathing, meditation -- and chocolate - can all have the same chemical effect.)

What's the sweetest thing each of us can do for those we love? Let them know that they are loved and appreciated will produce the biggest chemical high of all, not just on Valentine's Day, but every day. I feel blessed by the loving vibrations being sent to me by my wonderful family, dog, clients, friends, online community, and by the sweet expressions of affection and good wishes that some of you send to me every day. And for this Valentine's Day, more than ever, I'm sending my deepest loving wishes and gratitude out to you.

The New Testament tells us that "God is Love," but no matter what faith tradition we follow, deep down we all understand that Creation itself is an act of love. Love is not just where babies come from -- it's where everything in the Universe comes from! 

When growing up, the most important lessons children learn are the ones they absorb unconsciously and effortlessly, just by living every day in the presence of their parents' or caregivers' best example. Being surrounded by Spirit's constant love for us gives us the awesome power to create love for ourselves and others. God's love is the best Valentine's gift it is possible to give and receive -- we just need to be open to this gift to feel it. It is always there, waiting for us to open our hearts to love, and to be touched and energized.

And we can all find unlimited opportunities to send our own loving kindness back out into the world. As you are aware, along with many religions, recognizing our "soul work" makes a difference in the Universe, in the Here and Now.  With each small act of loving kindness, with each heartfelt prayer opening to the higher energies and the Universal will, with each moment of higher intention, we are helping to build the new world and serve God/Goddess/Spirit.

  • Spirit knows and loves me

  • Love is a gift I choose to give and allow abundantly

  • My loving kindness is an energy I share with all I encounter daily.

  • I give myself permission to be loved and cared for by Spirit, happy and satisfied in the Now

  • I give love daily, which is magnified, multiplied, and returned to me in all ways

It is important to remember always that you are one of God's beloved creatures, and that it is His/Her love that has made you who and what you are. Trust your own instincts, since they are part of Spirit's gift to you. Where you are drawn – what makes you curious? What are some of the little things that make you happy? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry with joy? These are like sparks of light that can guide you to your highest and best path.  Joy is the best guide for genuine learning!

And if a "Dose of Averi" can help you manifest your dearest dreams and desires in your life, whether for love, money, business, or to help you find your own path to happiness, call to book an appointment….

This Valentine's Day I will be meditating and sending each and every one of you the vibrations of love.  Please enjoy them and pass them on so everyone on the planet can experience this glorious gift of feeling loved, loving and lovable.

Many Blessings and Forever Love,


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