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August 2012   

Summer's Dog Days

Since ancient times the hottest, most sultry days of summer are known as the “Dog Days”. The Dog Star, in the constellation Canis Major, a/k/a Sirius, means “Big Dog” in Latin, and is the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere’s night sky. Just before dawn, the Dog Star sits on the horizon where the sun rises during the hottest time of year.

During these “dog days” of summer, I’ve been drawn to more meditations on the wonderful pets in our world and their well-being during these hot days.  I hope you will be vigilant and notice an animal in distress from the heat… a few ice cubes in the water is helpful. PLEASE NEVER leave a pet unattended in a hot car, even for a minute!  Think where the karma from that action will land you in addition to the knowing that you will painfully kill your most beloved pet and best friend!

You may have noticed a terrific quote I posted on my website by my friend,  Oprah: “Pets represent a connection to caring that's unconditional. And reciprocal.” A huge amount of proof and scientific evidence is now coming forth of the positive physical and psychological benefits that pets provide for the humans. 

In the past few months, news stories have been announcing the sorts of findings that I have been talking about for years (my predictions)! So many life saving stories of animals saving people from fires, children from drowning, alerting one that they may have cancer,  comforting the sick and grieving, first responders to earthquakes, and other disasters both natural and man made, bomb finders and showing the love and caring they have for their own and other species in trouble.  Don’t you think they deserve to be treated with loving respect? And, we are only seeing the surface of the gifts that they have brought to our planet to share with us.  More of these gifts will make themselves known in the future.  

Having a pet has been linked to the heart's capacity to handle stressful moments for people with chronic diseases, and lower blood pressure raised by stress, especially for those with limited human support systems. Now a study from Finland reports that children who live in houses with dogs are at a much lower risk for respiratory problems than children whose families don’t keep animals.

People who experience the complete devotion and unconditional love of their pets feel less lonely, with an important sense of responsibility for taking care of another living appreciative being.

Studies show that pet-owners are generally less fearful, more extroverted, and have greater self-esteem and compassion – yes, they feel deeper than those without pets. And it turns out it’s not the love we’re getting but the love and care we’re giving that makes the biggest difference.

Our precious pets, especially horses, dogs and cats, give us an opportunity to learn about and experience first hand, the purist form of love!  Unconditionally!  Reciprocally!!  They teach us how to accept love and love deeply. Read that again please.   

For those having trouble relating to humans, our pets give us the confidence and ability to transfer those loving feelings to humans – an important factor in happiness, good mental health and fulfillment. 

It is the responsibility of each of us in this lifetime to learn how to consciously create our future. When you look at what you have attracted into your life, you are only seeing the record of what you were thinking about in the past. Where are your thoughts now?

We visualize our goals, to create the most positive future for ourselves, our families and loved ones.  In our visualization/meditations/actions, it is important to include the animals on our planet living healthy and happy as our beloved fur babies.

If not now, then when will you trust that the universe knows what is for your highest and best good? Today is always a new day, and now—this moment in time—is perfect, right where you are, and is all that is…  Let your tomorrows be even better by including God/Goddess’ purist love which flows on the planet through the animal kingdom to you.  Do not be afraid of letting that amazing love flow into your heart, soul and life – it is awesome!


  • I am complete in Spirit; I give myself permission to express my best self today by sharing my love and compassion with all people and animals.

  •  My thoughts are an energy which manifests and creates my future.  I am diligent and watch what I think about.  I am preparing for a new world and know this is needed.

  • I now have the courage to let go and let God/Goddess/all that is fill me with Spiritual energy and thoughts.

  • I am fully present, giving the gift of my authentic myself in all I do, in all I say, in all I am.

  • I am loving, I am lovable, I am worthy and show this by the love and light I share with all I come in contact with, especially our beloved fur babies. 

For more than 50 years, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from my powerful insights and psychic guidance to enrich their careers and personal lives. If you would like me to help guide you on your way, please call my assistant, Kristin at 310.457.3157 or E-mail Me Ask your soul to advise you if this is something you need at this time to break down the walls preventing you from achieving your very best and then some.  Be prepared for the new evolution starting now.

As I send you this newsletter, I am also sending you Light ~ dear ones, use it wisely.

Many Blessings & Forever Love,


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