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Sept/Oct 2012   


For many, Labor Day signaled the start of a new school year. Can you remember how scary it was to step into a new classroom for the first time? Maybe you can recall your first day of high school or college, or the day you began your first adult job. Some of us can even still remember our first day of kindergarten! This year September 16th was the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, but I think it’s true that every day should be celebrated as a new beginning, a new start.

The very nature of life is growth, and so it can never stay the same, and our challenges are always new. As our circumstances change, or when loved ones pass—or even when the person looking back at us from the mirror isn’t the teenager we’re expecting to see—we all have to have the courage to say goodbye to yesterday and move forward one day at a time.

The lyrics of Kelly Clarkson’s recent pop hit “Stronger” were inspired by a famous often-repeated quote by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. The original German can be translated as “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” It’s a bold statement of the obvious, but it leaves a lot out. All of our experiences are sent to make us stronger, not just the ones that don't kill us. It is true that “failure” is often where our learning begins and how our creativity evolves. The American poet T.S. Eliot wrote that “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

“Perfect” comes from an Old French root meaning “finished.” If you can’t tolerate being anything less than perfect, you are stifling the most creative part of yourself, the living, evolving, changing part. Our creativity is unpredictable, wild—the most imperfect and surprising part of us. We all need to learn to not just tolerate but embrace our imperfections.

Many people are so afraid to risk failure when they feel the urge to do something creative that they can't get themselves started, but attempting something new is always risky. We must all learn to accept the pain of risking being wrong. When we take the fear of “making a mess” out of the creative process and just play, the Creative Spirit as manifested in the unconscious always rewards us. When accepting that the Universal Spirit that created us with all our unique imperfections loves us without reservation, we let our own inner creativity blossom.

To be open to our creative potential, we must not be afraid of making things that are less than perfect, whether we are using our hands, our voices or our imaginations.

Meditation is a great tool for developing and enhancing our self-confidence, our faith in our own creative powers. Our breath is the physical manifestation of the miraculous spiritual connection we all have with our Creator.  One of my favorite shared quotes is: “Our breath is our conscious union with the Divine Source”.

Many faith traditions recognize that meditation can improve not just the health of our bodies, minds and souls, but also be a vital part of our creative journey. Concentrating on our breathing allows the mind to let go of its stern self-judgment and to put irrational fears aside—the future-fear of venturing into as-yet undiscovered territory and the ego-fear of getting things “wrong.”


Allow yourself to put aside fear, just feel the sensations caused by the movements of Divine Breath in and out of your body. Slowly take in a deep luxurious breath through your nose and let it out just as slowly through your mouth. Take in another deep breath and exhale slowly. One more deep breath in, and then out, in a regular and relaxed rhythm.

As you breathe, visualize your courage as a small seed, just a tiny sparkling point of white light. It is growing, becoming larger and brighter. Imagine this glowing light starting to flood your whole body, warming and protecting you. Now visualize the light of your courage expanding outward. Stay there for a moment and feel the warmth and strength from this expanded light. Feel peaceful, safe, and receptive.

Visualize this light turning to the most delicate pale blue, the color of a clear sky, the vibration of new possibilities and creativity. Allow this vibration to pulsate through you, protecting you from fear and strengthening your confidence. Allow yourself to feel the calm excitement of the unknown and new. Give yourself permission to see your past mistakes as stepping-stones to wisdom; feel more and more self-acceptance and courage. Feel the light throughout your entire body as it expands ever outward.

Now visualize other souls around the Earth awakening and their sparks of light joining with yours like the uncounted waves in the ocean, a deep source of nourishment, strength and beauty. See light flowing, see the courage of love flowing, energizing and harmonizing the human and animal family, love transmitted to and through Mother Earth, the planets and all the galaxies beyond. Feel this sense of oneness of Creation and feel the bliss.

Now prepare to return to the room you are in. Don’t be afraid of the energy you feel within yourself as you return to everyday awareness. Accept your Spirit-given creativity and say this wonderful affirmation, finally accepting totally who you really are: “I feel love, I give love. I am love.  I am worthy.”

Take a deep breath, ground yourself, smile, and feel yourself filled with encouragement. If we risk stepping out of our comfort zone, our imperfections can be the starting point of something wonderful and new in the world—just perfect!

For more than 50 years, thousands of people worldwide have benefited from my powerful insights and psychic guidance to enrich their careers and personal lives. If you would like me to help guide you on your way, please call my assistant, Kristin at 310.457.3157 or E-mail Me Ask your soul to advise you if this is something you need at this time to break down the walls preventing you from achieving your very best and then some.  Be prepared for the new evolution starting now.

As I send you this newsletter, I am also sending you Light from the redwood forests of Northern California where I am on a spiritual sabbatical ~ dear ones, use it wisely.

Many Blessings & Forever Love,


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