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Dec 2012   

The Blessings of the Holidays

I hope you enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving. The beginning of this wonderful holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on the love we have received and given to others, and to focus on and appreciate how much we have grown in spirit in our quest for higher fulfillment. It is a time for us to be aware of and grateful for the love, joy, health and awareness that exists in our lives.

The concept of limitless abundance in our lives is never easy to grasp. Instead of opening our souls to the limitless energy that surrounds us we tend to focus on what we don’t have. But limitless energy dwells within us. It is a light that is always ready to manifest what we desire. Our surroundings only reflect what we have projected from our souls.

When you give permission for feelings of unworthiness and doubt to intrude into your consciousness, you are stifling the creation of abundance in all areas of your life. When you envision a desire, you must always believe in it unconditionally. You cannot manifest more love if you believe you don’t deserve love; you can’t wish for a better job if at the same time you doubt your own skills or intelligence. Love may appear but will quickly disappear; a new or better job will fall through— the unconscious mixed messages you project will surely manifest as mixed experiences. If you only focus on what you lack, you are choking the light force and creating frustrating and unhappy experiences for yourself. The universe does not understand lack!

manifest-your-desires-ezine08-01There is an overabundance of everything good waiting for you. Spirit is an infinite wellspring of love, and creates only what is desired and asked for. The only limiting forces are your doubts and fears. Create abundance for yourself by reaching for the stars!

The Spirit-given power of positive reinforcement opens the gates to endless bounty. When you are ready to accept this bounty, give your soul permission to open itself to the profusion of love, joy, wealth and health that exist in the Universe. The powerful Spirit that created you and placed you in this amazing Universe will take care of you. There is no need to limit yourself with worries and doubts—if you have faith that there is enough out there for everyone, what you need will be yours!

As you begin to envision clear desires, this amazing power will show itself in so many ways. You will begin to receive gifts through open channels that were previously blocked by negative thoughts. As you witness the material manifestations of your positive thoughts blossoming in your life, you will be filled with appreciation and gratitude.

Now close your eyes, take a few moments, and enjoy the gift I have created for you – a mini journey!

evergreenTake a deep breath.

Picture yourself walking along a winding path in a deep forest, with towering snow-covered evergreens on either side of you, like the walls of a sheltering natural cathedral. You feel safe in their embrace. Now feel the cool crisp air on your face. The forest is hushed and the trees barely stir, but their piny fragrance wafts into your nostrils and the freshness of the air fills your lungs and cleanses your spirit. Take a deep breath in and exhale forcefully. Now take another deep luxurious breath in and slowly exhale. Feel my energy with you now, helping you to open yourself up, more easily to receive the wondrous energy you are about to feel.

Directly in the path ahead in a clearing there is a deer waiting for you a pool of sunlight, gazing mildly at you without fear. Approach this beautiful animal and step into the light. As its gentle warmth caresses your face and body, remember a moment from the past when you were safe, serene and joyful—a happy and peaceful time when you felt loved. Let the feeling and memory take over your whole being. Stay with this sensation for a few moments, breathing deeply and slowly.

When you are ready to return to the present, first send thankful thoughts to the beautiful deer for helping you bring forth your bliss.  As you walk slowly back out of the forest, notice the light of love glowing from within and around you. You may open your eyes and be present in the now.

you-hold-everything-in-the-palm-of-you-handBring your renewed gift of light and love to everyone you encounter. It is a gift to bless and appreciate the good things that you have in your life. When we bless something or someone we are seeing them in sunlight, like that lovely animal in the clearing. We are acknowledging their sacredness. Acknowledge your own sacredness as well. Take time to bless the power and light within your soul and all the good things in your life that result from it. When you focus on what is good and wonderful in your life you will magnify and multiply your blessings. You will energize and attract more of the same to you.

We need to be grateful for health, work, friendships and other precious relationships we have, and thankful for our own role in creating and maintaining them. We can all accomplish so much when we remember that words and thoughts create our world—and that the power to change our world is within us.

My prayers for you:  May your Holiday Season of Love, Peace and Light.. and the New Year be filled with greater Divine light, peace, prosperity, good health, love along with loving-kindness to everyone you meet!  May you open your hearts and souls to the highest possible planetary energies being sent to you from God/Goddess, along with the energies being sent your way from my meditations.  Blessings dear ones for a glorious Holiday Season of Light and as we all shift, an awesome 2013!!

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With blessings of forever love to you from me,


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