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March/April 2013

Living in The Fifth Dimension

fifthdimension.jpgFor spiritual seekers, The Fifth Dimension signifies the realm of spiritual truth. The spiritual essence of all living things transcends both time and space, and is eternal and constant. Abstract five-dimensional space is explored in several branches of physics, including astrophysics and particle physics, and is mentioned frequently in mathematics. 

Some sages describe the world’s dimensions as layers of reality based on a range of vibrational frequencies. We are all very familiar with the three dimensions of our physical realm – width, height and depth. The Fourth Dimension—sometimes thought of as the dimension of time—is also sometimes referred together with the Third Dimension as the space-time continuum.

On its own it is also described as the realm of the sub-conscious, emotion and illusion: the Fourth Dimension is our dream world, sometimes acting as a bridge between the physical world, the world we can see and feel, and the realm of the spirit. 

Music-for-Yoga-and-Meditation.jpgMany spiritual seekers have observed that humanity has begun to move into higher dimensions—some have called the end of the Mayan calendar and the winter solstice of 2012 “The Shift of the Ages.” Around the winter solstice on December 22, 2012, millions of spiritual seekers around the world focused the power of their attention on the Birth of the New Earth, creating a force-field of Divine light that moved all of life on earth through a shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness.

As a vibrating string on a musical instrument will send out energy that enriches the surrounding environment and causes the atmosphere around it to vibrate in sympathetic harmony, the majority of people now on earth have begun to vibrate to a higher frequency than ever before.

I believe that planetary energies are certainly nudging us to move in the new directions that are beginning to open. We as a species are moving into the realm of higher spiritual consciousness and are now into the Fifth Dimension, the infinite frequency of God's creation beyond space and time. Within this dimension oneness with Spirit and reverence for life are the only realities.

What is the universe saying to us? We are being shown the areas where we need most to focus, to be able to manifest our souls’ mission and our unique God-blessed gifts.

We must set aside anxiety and fear of the unknown, and give ourselves permission to create from Love and Light rather than negativity.

We have to remember that each of us is an instrument of Spirit, capable of the most exquisite creativity. We are able to transmit love, understanding and the blessing of light through the magic of our compassion. We are fully responsible for our reality as instruments of God’s power, and must take our power seriously.

spirit.jpgWhen we envision ourselves sitting at the centre of great warmth with the light flowing through us, we produce a powerful energy, a force-field that converts negative energy sent in our direction to positive power for our use.

The Fourth and Fifth Dimensions represent a quantum leap, returning to love, so we must direct love to ourselves, as well. I have often said that “our souls are like cosmic sponges, absorbing and preserving light is our mission.” Now, more than ever, it is so important to keep that light bright and to retransmit it as we are traveling further into the Fifth Dimension—not just for our own sakes, but for the health and well being of the planet and all its creatures.

We are moving more rapidly in new directions and opening to a consciousness that is truly something new on earth. I am sure many of you are already seeing, feeling and living in this new energy. We are realizing our abilities and responsibility to fulfill the parts and pieces of our destiny, to be of loving service to others and to our world. We have the Power of the Divine Spirit within us!!

The key is to be conscious in the now of what is going on around us, influencing our world in all dimensions and listening to and acting on the voice of the Divine Spirit within.  Only then can we have the ability to stay on the right path, making choices from the highest dimension for the highest and best good of all peoples, animals and our glorious world.....so be it.


  • I am now living in the 5th Dimension awareness of love and peace, doing everything necessary to bring forth abundance, fulfillment and joy to myself and always, for others.

  • I am now seeing reality through the eyes of my soul and I give thanks.

  • I am calibrating my expanding consciousness and opening my heart to accept a burst of Light, carrying within it the wisdom and knowledge I need to know for my soul’s evolution.

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