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May 2013  

Spring Cleaning For The Heart & Soul


We know that it’s important to live harmoniously in the environment we create for ourselves, and that Spring is a time for new beginnings, a fresh beginning in many cultures around the world, a time when Earth’s energies intensify to support growth. Spring is a wonderful time to renew our commitment to our goals. “Spring cleaning” itself can be a meditation, and a great way to symbolically prepare ourselves for new and greater spiritual growth... our next steps.

Tangles of resentment and anger block our path to true inner peace and tranquility ~ it is important to sweep them away. Like an unseen thorn that snags our clothes or even tears at our skin, the memory of a wrong that someone has done to us may still have the power to wound us. Forgiveness is our choice.

It is sometimes hard to acknowledge that beyond the actual injury, it is we ourselves who are choosing to hold onto that psychic pain. Giving up resentment and anger for a wrong that has been done to us will cleanse our spirit and clear the way for compassion and love. Releasing self-blame and regret at our own thoughts or actions can do the same thing.

forgiveness.jpgBy freeing up our hearts, forgiveness has the capacity to heal and transform. Forgiveness is a commitment: it is the first step in a process of reclaiming our own healthy soul and enabling us to go forward with hope and the purest power of manifestation.

When we forgive people who have wronged us, we escape the emotional stranglehold their actions have had on us. When we embrace forgiveness, we are embracing peace, love, light, hope, gratitude and joy. Even if it’s been years since you’ve spoken to the person who injured or offended you, even if the effort is all on your side and your gift is not accepted by the person you’re forgiving, your own process of forgiveness is incredibly powerful, and will nourish your soul.

It is only natural to become angry, sad or confused. But when holding onto the memory of hurtful events or situations allows feelings of resentment, victimhood, vengeance and hostility to take root, we are injuring ourselves all over again IN THE NOW, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

 Forgiveness doesn't mean denying the other person's responsibility for hurting us. But it is possible to forgive the person while not excusing, minimizing or justifying the wrong.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE AS TO HOW LONG YOU WANT THE PAIN TO CONTINUE!  Being in the now and bringing in that memory will insure you will attract a similar situation to yourself again in the future as well as be tormented again, for no reason, in the present moment – do you really want/need to do that?

When we refuse to take on the role of victim, we release ourselves from the control and power the offending person and situation have continued to have in our life today.

foregive2.jpgResearchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that forgiveness can lead to greater physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, less anxiety, stress and hostility, lower blood pressure, lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse, fewer symptoms of depression, and healthier relationships overall. And when we let go of thoughts of resentment, vengeance or anger, we are clearing the way for a real sense of compassion and power in ourselves, and also for ourselves, allowing a pure cleansing Spiritual energy, a gloriously bright light to run through us.

As I’ve noted before, one definition of “inspiration” is “divine guidance or influence on the mind and soul.” Mindful breathing can release the wrongs that have been done to us, ridding the body of its emotional toxins, and clearing the way for new and fresh insights to intuitively take root.

With practice, we can learn to focus and channel our thoughts to achieve our desired ends. We have the ability and strength to reach within ourselves and connect with our unwavering, essential Spirit.



  • I breathe in light and exhale forgiveness and love in all I do, in all I say, in all I am.

  • I am free from fear and open myself to greater love, success, confidence, fulfillment, happiness, peace, and abundance.

  • I am now aware that conscious global evolution begins as I take responsibility for becoming loving, compassionate, forgiving, generous, kind, empathetic and rise above my best self.

  • I am opening my heart and soul to embrace every aspect of my life with joy, affluence, love, courage, Light, fulfillment and gratitude as I take my next steps for cosmic growth.


Take some time now to plant the seeds of what you want to sprout in your life in the fresh new soil of Spring. Peace of mind does not come from an absence of challenges, but from the deep inner knowledge that we can deal with our problems. More than two hundred years ago in France Mme de Staël famously said that “To understand all is to forgive all.”

When we concentrate on consciously loving and forgiving, our own wounds will soften and dissolve, replaced by inner peace, strength  and the ability to feel greater compassion and love – for ourselves as well as for others.

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