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June 2013  

Choice and Chance

Many of you know June is my birthday month, when I try to give myself a “present” of the present moment, centering myself for the full day in Nature in prayer and meditation for all of you and for world peace and this year was no different.

averi.jpgMy wonderful day of meditations at Lake Casitas was spectacular and I was thrilled and touched by how many of you were able to join me this year. My vibrations were really high and I thought I might explode (or just simply levitate) with joy and happiness from all the energy of love, kindness, thoughtfulness, caring, appreciation and blessings which were sent my way by so many of you. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you again from my heart ;-)

With its early dawns, late dusks and long days of light in between, June is one of my favorite times of year, and it’s always so full of blessings for all of us.

It’s the season for savoring simple pleasures and new beginnings and serendipity—the happy synergy that occurs and that are life’s simplest, most magnificent gifts—the surprise of a big orange supermoon rising between the trees or the slimmest crescent in the night sky, fireflies in the soft early summer air, the sweet fragrance of the flowers and grass and sun on skin, the affectionate shining eyes of a beloved pet—they all bring a sense of joy, lightness and letting go.

supermoon.jpgWe have chosen to be on planet Earth at this time, and we choose the lives we are creating day by day and breath by breath. I believe that we all choose the lessons we need to learn in life and the challenges we need to meet.

When we understand that our thoughts and wishes manifest themselves as experience, a marvellous opportunity awaits us to choose the path we want to take.

By aligning ourselves with the energy of Spirit, and with giving hearts and loving thoughts, we bring more love, contentment, good health, wealth, joy and light into our lives and the lives of those around us.

As I have shared in the past, and now many of you have experienced first hand, whatever we desire already exists in Spirit. We are the channel to bring it into realization on the physical plane.

A mind that resides in Spirit knows that there is more than enough for everyone, and that we live in a world of riches. Further, as I love to remind you, all things are possible with God!!

But it’s sometimes difficult to know the right path to set out on, the right decision to make, the right time to make a change, even the right goal or purpose to aim for. How do we choose the way forward? I am always happy to use my gifts to help you see the clear light beyond the shadows of confusion and doubt.

clear path.pngAlthough it may seem like an obstacle and a negative emotion, doubt is one of Spirit’s ways of nudging us beyond mental or emotional roadblocks, giving us permission to see the world in different and alternative ways, clearing the way that frees us to shine a light on other paths and other directions.

So, what is the most important force propelling us into the future? Is it choice or is it chance? Free will or fate?

I am a proponent of and strongly choose free will for myself – and of course, suggest it for you as well but it is your choice lol … please remember that both are gifts of God/Goddess/Spirit.  Whichever you choose will bring what you need to gain the wisdom and knowledge your soul quests for you in this lifetime.

Learn to trust that we (and all animals) are children of the Universe, accept with a grateful and supple heart that whatever Spirit bestows on us is a blessing. Receptivity will powerfully attract good things to us, many times before we recognize or even understand what those good things might turn out to be.


  • I am receptive to the riches that are mine and trust Spirit to always give me what I need.

  • I am choosing to create my life, breath by breath in the now and day by day.

  • I am attuned to the Universe’s highest vibrations, whose sweet message rings through me always,
    loud and clear for all to hear, see and feel!

  • I choose to allow Divine will to flow thru me and know when to take action and when to let go.

  • I am ready, willing and worthy to receive extraordinary abundance.  God is my source.

  • Anything not of God flows away from me easily and effortlessly.

We all lead our lives but sometimes life needs to lead us. What we desire and think we need might not be quite big enough!! We deserve so much more than we dare to think, and God/Goddess/All that Is has more abundance in store for each and every one of us, much more than we can even imagine… and so we let it be!!

With blessings of forever love to you from me,


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