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Dear Cyber Friends,

Yes, this is a challenging, turbulent time. I can feel the fear and disappointments that so many of you are experiencing. Your soul, material goods, as well as your finances are being affected.  You can move yourself out of that uncomfortable space of dread.  You know it is crucial that you do so, and do it quickly.

We are NOW receiving the pure energies of our next phase of evolution.  This is a very exciting time.  Your prayers are being answered on the spiritual plane and that is where it all begins.  You may be feeling a little unusual, and that is a good indication that you are receiving this blessed energy.

Remember, what you are feeling and thinking about in the moment, you will create and draw multiplied to you in the future. That is frightening in itself if you are letting negative thoughts into your mind. You know you do have the control over your mind.

Though we are all one and moving together, those who are focused on creating a future of peace, balance, love and harmony will be the ones at the crest of the wave as the outer world reflects the changes in the physical realm.

You are the Spiritual warriors who know the power of your mind, the power of your soul. You know the power of Spirit! This is the time to apply all that you have learned and if you haven’t learned this yet, I suggest you put it at the top of your to do list.

It is your responsibility in this lifetime to learn how to consciously create. So I ask - where are your thoughts now? Where is your focus?  Look at what you have been attracting into your life and you will know what you were thinking about in the past.  Today is a new day!

The now moment in time is all there is, it is perfect and it is the space from which you create your future!

In times like this, I usually like to do extra work on myself to keep my vibrations high, to energize, strengthen my resolve, and allow more of Spirit’s newest wisdom to flow through me. It is one of the ways I help myself and my wonderful clients who are changing from within to be more, do more and love more. We are opening to the download of the higher vibrations in answer to our prayers. The time is now!

There are many places in nature to get renewal bursts of light and energy. I have always loved trees. They are magical to me. They transmit their wisdom through their silence, and will be here long after we have passed into the next dimension.

Recently, I was in the Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest in Crescent City, California. The Northern Coast of California and China are the only places you will find these redwood trees.  They are absolutely breathtaking in their magnificence, reaching through the wisps of fog and clouds towards the light and warmth of the sun.

As you read further, take a moment to come with me into this pristine redwood forest. Take a deep grounding breath and exhale slowly. Relax your shoulders. Smell the pines and evergreens.  Feel a gentle, cool breeze blowing across your face.

As you gaze at the sheer majesty of these beautiful emerald green trees, stop and listen to the wind singing through their branches. You are gently lifted and transported to a place of peace, calm, and clarity. It is so easy and natural to open your heart and soul to receive the new energy and messages from Spirit.

Bring this image to you wherever you are. Open your heart and let spirit download higher wisdom to you.  

Take another deep breath as you assimilate this energy, exhale and let a smile cross your face.  You are back in the now.  

Because of their age (2400 years old), they have scars, showing the ravages of time. But they survive together. We are like those trees. Alone we are vulnerable and can easily fall, but together, our lives intertwined, we can strengthen and support each other. Together, like the giant dense redwood forests, we stand tall, scars and all, bound by hope and love.

We are beginning a new time with a new President who hopes to bring together this great country of ours. We can view ourselves as part of this “grove” of humanity, we can all weather the storms we face, and grow stronger knowing that we are protecting and sheltering one another.


  •      I am rooted in strength, security and the safety of the earth, grateful to receive the wisdom of nature.
  •       I am receiving the higher vibrations now available on the planet in answer to my prayers.
  •       As the higher Light flows through me, I am invigorated and re-energized and take the steps necessary for my success and the success of the planet.

And so we let it be. Thank you God.

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With blessings of Love & Light,


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