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Spring Has Sprung

Spring…ah…the word alone brings such happy thoughts to mind. 


A time of growth, a time of change, a time of new beginnings. More sunshine, less rain. Flowers blooming, trees budding, blue skies, birds singing. A time for renewal.


This particular spring brings with it more challenges for growth than we have had presented to us, in a long, long time. We are all going through a tremendous period of change. How we respond to our own particular challenges will be what shapes our destiny.


Have you neglected your own garden… the one that blooms in your heart? Have you lost yourself in this frenzied world, running here and there, buying things you don’t really need? Have you lost the connection with your family and friends? At home, do you eat at separate times, watch different TV’s, live separate lives. Do you work hard at a job all day, then come home exhausted and turn on the TV to watch the latest “bad news”? Changes are happening to all of us everyday at an increasing rate of speed.  As I have pointed out many times before, the vibrations on the planets are at an all time high and increasing.


We can either choose to look at these factors in our lives, and moan “why me?”, or we can see them as opportunities to “weed our garden, get rid of dead wood, and make room for new growth”. Do we really need all the things we think we need? Have we been wasting time and energy on superficial things that we think will make us happy only to find out that it didn’t last very long? Have we neglected the really important things in our lives?


It’s Spring! A time for new beginnings. A re-birth. Every year at this time we have the chance to start anew at Spring Solstice when the energies on the planet are intensified to support growth, your dreams starting to bloom and the blossoming of your soul. 


Your decisions for change can be made now by tending to your own garden, growing your relationships with your children, your loved ones, and yourself with tender loving care. Nurturing the love you hold in your hearts and sharing it with others to help them grow. Embrace the changes that are presented to you now. See them as part of the ever-changing tapestry of your life.  Try turning off the constant blare of the TV, eliminate negative programming, listen to the silence that can surround you and re-affirm your Soul everyday with positive affirmations and loving actions.  You will love the results.



Original Affirmation:


I open my heart to the Love that is always present. I cultivate it, like a seed, as it flowers into the magnificence that I AM.  I see what really matters in this world, and I tend to it with loving care. I grow and change and blossom like the beautiful flower, that I Am.


Blessings to you for a glorious Spring Solstice on March 20th.


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