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Averi Torres’ New Year Predictions for 2008

 By Melonie Magruder

Special to the Malibu Times

To embrace the many changes that will come with the New Year, resident psychic Averi Torres recommends letting go of old habits and ideas, and being open to good fortune.

When speaking from a Mexican vacation home about global predictions for the New Year, psychic and Malibu resident Averi Torres was not thinking so much about prognostication.

"We just had an earthquake," she said breathlessly. "About 4.9. It's just like being at home."

Being jolted out of bed by a temblor can send any considerations other than seeking immediate safety flying out of one's head, but Torres proceeded with equanimity to get in touch with the inner voice that tells her what appears likely in the near future.

Malibu resident Averi Torres has been casting predictions for more than 30 years.

"In tarot, 2008 is a number 10 year, the end of a cycle which returns to a number one year," Torres said. "It's like a wheel of fortune."

Apparently, this signifies progress, with luck and probability being spurred by constant movement or change.

"One must be alert this year to unexpected opportunities," Torres said. "Honor and material rewards are more easily attracted. It sounds corny, but the wheel symbolizes the circle of life and reminds us that life comes in opposites. Having an enlightened awareness allows you to go beyond opposites, beyond good versus evil, light versus dark. With an enlightened awareness, you are more fulfilled."

Ever since she experienced at age 18 a sudden, vivid image of her grandfather dying, with the exact image being realized almost immediately, Torres knew she had a singular gift.

Eventually, she started to tap into that insight professionally and has been casting predictions for more than 30 years. Her clients have included Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities and Washington bigwigs.

"[The year] 2008 is the start not just of a new year, but of a new way of life," Torres continued in her prediction. "There will be more chaos than usual, so in your personal life, it is important that you be prepared to let go of old ideas and habits, and be open to good fortune."

Weather figured large in Torres' predictions for the New Year. "An El Niño condition will continue and this summer is going to be very hot. So the conditions for wildfires will be strong. And there will be some earthquakes, though nothing devastating."

Torres also carried predictions into a more distant future. "Water shortages are going to affect the world through 2017 and skin cancer will increase dramatically through 2015 in children, small dogs and horses."

On the other hand, the good news is that animal testing will become a "barbaric thing of the past" within 10 years, she predicted.

On economic fronts, Torres feels that oil prices will remain high, the Hollywood's writer's strike will continue for "a few more months, at least," unemployment will rise next year and housing prices will continue to fall throughout 2008.

"Malibu won't be hit so hard with this, though, and home prices will start going up again in 2010," she said. "But the interesting thing about people with money is that the new luxury items are not going to be fur coats and diamonds, but personally fulfilling experiences."

Torres feels that this is due to the world moving into a more spiritual awakening.

"My strongest vision is that real fulfillment will come from an enrichment of the soul," she said. "It starts with you bringing enlightenment into your own life, then into your family and then into your community. The time is right."

Terrorism continues to worry her, though, as well as the vulnerability of the travel industry. "And, within 24 months, there is a high probability of some kind of melt-down in a data center, which could cause all kinds of chaos," she said.

This being an election year, of course, one wonders if she has any strong feelings there. "Well, contrary to what some say, we are not entering Armageddon," she said. "These aren't the End Times, but rather movement into a chance for greater peace. But politically, yes, I see it heating up even more than global warming."

Would she care to make any predictions about the outcome of next November's presidential election?

"I haven't given it a thought," she said, laughing. "I guess I'll have to put some energy into it."

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