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 Published: Wednesday, December 31, 2008
By Olivia Damavandi / Staff Writer

Our Malibu Psychic Averi Torres gives us the ups and
downs to come with the New Year and beyond.

The transition into a new year marks many new beginnings, especially in 2009. The inauguration of a new president and the mending of a broken economy are just two actions from which countless changes will reverberate in places near and far. Whether or not they occur by human dictation, this year's events are predicted to be ground shaking (no pun intended).

Malibu psychic Averi Torres called 2009 an important year for self-determination cooperation, patience and prudence, and said the New Year is symbolic of wisdom, common sense, enlightenment and education.

"There's a strong need in 2009 to overcome tendencies of ignorance, selfishness, shallowness and conceit," Torres said last week in a telephone interview. "It's crucial to learn to balance emotions and desires, and to bravely make changes that will heal your mind and body."

Universally speaking, premonitions of a multitude of future statistical, economical, environmental, political and technological changes sure to impact the entire globe have been slated to occur in 2009 and in years to follow.

On the immediate end of the spectrum, Torres said the upcoming year will see more job layoffs, an increase in bankruptcies (expected to decrease mid-year), identity theft and global joint ventures and partnerships, Internet-based social expansion through Web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn (both of which, she said, could experience a "fall out" in 2010), ongoing danger around the African village where President-elect Barack Obama's family resides, and several unsuccessful assassination attempts at the lives of the president-to-be and his family.

In terms of 2009's natural disasters, Torres predicted that six or seven hurricanes will occur in southeastern parts of the world, several magnitude 7 (and one possible magnitude 8) earthquakes in Japan, and additional earthquakes with magnitudes greater than 6 hitting Alaska, India and the Philippines.

On a local scale, Torres said she feels Palm Springs, Big Bear and Mammoth are at risk for more than magnitude 6 quakes in 2009, but doesn't see any major earthquake-related devastation in Malibu.

In upcoming years, Torres said she predicts a decline in the number of followers of "traditional" religions, increases in spirituality and personal responsibility for one's actions, and improved habits of ethically conscious consumerism. There will also be an increase in global pirate attacks, she said.

Going beyond 2009, Torres said economic recovery will be the theme for America in 2010 and 2011, in which a record number of jobs will be created in manufacturing fields, and that the national demand for cosmetic surgery will increase by 7 percent during the next five years.

Though she predicts the U.S. will remain a superpower until 2020, Torres said there will be more government control and more surveillance of citizens in forms of cameras, chips and listening devices.

"Microchips will be inserted in passports, beauty products, clothes and ordinary household products to track our movements and buying habits," she said.

In 2012, she expects India will expand faster than any market in the world, with China close behind. However, Torres predicts "more disappointments from China regarding sanitation, human rights and the treatment of animals."

For Malibu in 2009, Torres foresees tremendous growth in retail stores and home building, bad traffic jams, increases in crime, and fire danger (the threat from which she said will occur sooner than usual in the year and last longer). And at least one waterspout will viewable in '09 from Point Dume, but none will reach land.

Torres said the city's proposed centralized wastewater treatment facility will have to be implemented this upcoming year. "It's getting to a point where it's going to become an absolute health necessity for the people who love our city," she said.

"2009 will be challenging and incredible," she continued. "It will be filled with bad moments and good moments. How a person plays the year and manages their spiritual energy, making wise choices, will reflect how the year comes to an end."

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