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Reprint from the Malibu Times,  January 3, 2013



Averi Torres Psychic Predictions for 2013

Averi Torres, Malibu's Resident Psychic®,
Global Spiritual Teacher
and 1 of the top 10 Psychics in the World
per the Society for Psychic Research.

On the afternoon of Dec. 21, Malibu resident and psychic Averi Torres predicted the world would not end on that day, as purported by Mayan calendar prophesies.

“Well, I meditated on it this morning and I really believe we are moving into a fifth dimension, which is the highest realm the soul can reach,” Torres said, laughing. “Since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, we’ve been moving in that direction of greater spirituality. So I think we’ll survive the day.”

Even in the wake of the sorrowful events in Newtown, Conn., Torres, who has been casting astonishingly accurate predictions for decades, said the impact of the killings would result in a greater worldwide realization that we are, “one species and one energy that can only survive through peace and harmony.”

Not that we’ll get there easily, Torres said.

“There will always be exceptions to the rule,” she explained. “But people more and more are waking up to the possibilities of the mind, which can be found through meditation and keeping spiritual values.”

Torres believes that anyone can develop his psychic abilities, to benefit his life and business.

“You might not be able to foretell specific future events, but you develop trust in your intuition,” Torres said. “We live in  a skeptical world. I don’t ask people to accept what I say, just give it a one percent possibility.” 

The possibilities Torres sees for 2013 cover a lot of ground. Torres said this year is a “number six year,” represented in Tarot cards as the Lovers. She emphasized the importance of spiritual values and avoiding indecision. In the coming year, temptation of all stripes will have a strong presence, but she believes fortitude and balance will lead to the best of both material and spiritual worlds. 

“Most men use conscious intellect to make decisions,” Torres said. “It’s the male way to do things. Women tend to be influenced more by intuition and this is one area where men need to value the wisdom coming from women.” 

This universal yearning for balance will result in more babies being born this year who will function as much from right brain activity (that which governs intuition and instinctive creativity) as from the left brain (governing by reason). 

Torres also believes we will see more accurate computerized predictions, particularly with regard to weather. People will become more invested in protecting the health of the planet and the health of animals, potentially revealing progressive spiritual awareness. 

And the good news is that in a couple of years, 2015 should usher in a 30-year cycle of positive economic power. 

Among some of Torres’ other predictions: 

-2013 will see some intense solar flares, which will have the power to create electrical outages in earthly power grids. 

“National security will be of concern here,” Torres said. “The government is taking precaution to avoid crippling loss of power and people should take the same preparation steps as they would with a hurricane or earthquake.” 

-The stock market will have a “challenging” year, with modest returns. 

-Public opposition to animal testing will increase, bringing such practices to an end by 2015, which Torres believes is another example of our growing spiritual awareness. 

-A U.S. housing boom will continue, confirming what Torres predicted last year, with home prices rising to peak levels in three years. Home building will double during the next three to five years. 

-More and more states will be voting to legalize same sex marriage and marijuana. 

“I’ve been predicting this would happen about now and look what happened in November,” Torres said. “States’ opposition to pot and gay marriage will start falling one after another.” 

-Closer to home, Torres predicts Malibu can expect much of the same. 

“There will be more births and more weddings in Malibu,” she said. “But the City Council will still be squabbling and the Coastal Commission will still be there.” 

Torres did say that she predicts an increase in piracy, with smugglers using the Southern California coast for secret landings. 

“So they need to hurry up and legalize pot in California,” she said. 

When asked if her auguries indicated anything to fear, Torres admitted terrorism was an ongoing concern. 

“But the energy and consciousness in people are rising to a higher manifestation of trust,” she said. “It’s coming.” 

And for those who are worried, Torres predicts that Brad and Angelina will make it official this year.

“I predicted last year that Kate and Will [the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge] would get pregnant this year and they did,” Torres avowed. “And there’s a high probability Kim Kardashian will get pregnant this year.” 

(Editor’s note: This prediction was made before the news of Kardashian’s pregnancy was made public Dec. 31.) 


For forthcoming information, Averi can be reached on Facebook: https://bit.ly/averifan



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