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Becoming More Of Who You Are

Becoming more of who you are, transcending the mundane and the archaic, reaching for realms beyond human potential, higher realms of spirit and light, the journey continues...

Within the mystery and the magic lies the source of power to unfold the new millennium and to create our New World as it is now to be.

To bring about more of your personal power, innovation, and creativity, new and greater peace, happiness, and success, I am sharing with you the following affirmations. An affirmation is a powerful way of consciously reprogramming the computer of your mind which, when combined with finding your passion and activating your plan, will change your physical reality. Thoughts are an energy form, and what you are focused on will be magnetized and attracted into your reality.

As you use the affirmations, allow yourself to feel how wonderful it will be when you have accomplished the things you are working on. They are a gift from me to you, and it is your choice to accept this gift and the magic which is sent with love.

  • Spirit is with me, knows…and cares!
  • I am stronger, and can see further.
  • Life is a gift I choose to receive abundantly.
  • My light burns bright for all to see, to feel, and to know.
  • I relax and trust the power of the universe.
  • I make a difference, and have impact in this New World.
  • I give myself permission to be happy, prosperous, loving, healthy, and satisfied in the now.
  • I am guided towards the things to build and the people with whom to build them.
  • I have the courage to release what doesn’t work in my quest to feel love and to manifest cosmic wisdom on earth.
  • I now let the New World manifest through me.
  • I am incredibly happy, living an extraordinary life.
  • I have trained myself to see patterns in time and space, and now hear the universe communicating.
  • I give love daily, which is magnified, multiplied, and returned to me in all ways.

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