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Love in Troubled Times

If you wanted a peaceful life today, you chose the wrong lifetime to be born. We live in times of global anxiety, change, and danger. However, you can still flourish, even in unstable times - it is still a choice! This is a chaotic world with sunshine and storms and you have got to learn to weather the storms. 

Because these are troubled times, doesn’t mean you need to have a troubled mind. You can train yourself to face your fears without anxiety but with courage, love, faith, and compassion. You can train yourself to be the magician – the one who brings love, peace, light, and service to this troubled world. 

If you are choosing peace, love, and service then you need to control your mind by controlling your thoughts. Peace of mind does not come from absence of challenges, but from the deep inner knowing that you may have a lot of problems but you can deal with them - that you have the ability to reach within and connect with spirit.

To overcome your insecurities and fears, spend less time focused on your weaknesses and more time consciously being loving and of service to others. Your fears will dissolve and be replaced by an inner peace and the ability to feel greater love, this I promise you.

I often talk of the power of the mind – your thoughts can flicker like a candle in the wind unless you ground yourself in the now and learn to focus and hold steady your thoughts.

This is where getting  readings, meditation, and use of a mantra can be so helpful. It can be your anchor so you can hold steady your mind. Only a steady mind can release the emotion of fear and anger, transforming a negative into a positive. One of my favorite mantras is "Om Namah Shiviya."  I find it gives my mind something to focus on and it grounds me back in the present moment where peace and loving kindness exist.

Every human being lives in fear. Our fears are deep within our subconscious, well hidden, and manifest when the mind gets churned by external events. You can learn how to leave behind the world of fear to live in the world of love. 

Through meditation, positive thought, and right action you can realize the Divine unity in which all life is one. You will still need to take precautions for safety, but can do so without fear.

When you know you and I are one – that you do care for me and you know that I care for you, what is to fear? Fear will leave your life.

Become a visionary, breathing a new reality into existence and anchor it through love and dedication to service. Today can be a rededication to the passion of living, the passion of loving, allowing you to appreciate the miracle of this moment in time. Allow yourself to connect with spirit in whatever way you choose, then share the love in your heart and in your soul with those around you. 

When your mind is at peace your heart can be filled with love!


I celebrate the miracle of living a life of love. I can and do deal with my fears, for God is my partner. I bring light, love, and laughter to everyone I meet today. I say yes to Love!

Please share this with someone you love.

Blessings of light, fulfillment, affluence and
Love, Love, and more Love!


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