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By Carla Fisher

Averi Torres


The doors of the future are revealed through the powers of Averi, Malibu's resident psychic. Averi Torres has graced Malibu for the last 23 years, using her psychic abilities to help people open their doors of perception, to reach their potential with clarity and understanding. She's read for people in the furthest corners of the earth, in person and on the phone including two recent U.S. presidents and several members of congress.

Averi also gives cyber-readings, but prefers to hear people's voices and laughter. She indeed has a very affable persona and I was able to hear her warm laughter and understanding during our phone interview and quickly felt like we had known each other for a long time.

CF: You were 18 when you became conscious that you had a psychic experience. What happened?

AT: I grew up living in upstate NY. I thought I was strange. I was always able to see the truth and not the illusion that some people project. I moved to NYC and one day I called my father to tell him that I was concerned that his father was going to have a heart attack in his office. At that moment my grandfather walked into his office and my father had to put down the phone to catch him as he fell to the floor. My grandfather died in his arms while I was holding on the phone. That was a hard one for me to experience.

CF: Malibu's a focus point for people and events. What makes Malibu such a magnet for people and a special place in the universe?

AT: Malibu is a fabulous location for people to get married because there's so much spiritual energy that binds the two hearts. It's not just beauty for the eyes, there's a pulsating energy that come right up from the earth. People are drawn to that kind of energy. You can just feel it. Creative people especially are drawn to that type of energy.

CF: Different than Santa Clarita (laugh)

AT: Malibu is a place where creative people come to heal, rejuvenate and regenerate in order to go back into the world, bringing the gifts that they share with so many.

CF: You have mentioned, in metaphysical terms, that light is stronger than darkness. Could you comment on that thought, in terms of our very impacted environment that surrounds us not only in Malibu but everywhere.

AT: I concern myself very much with peoples' unconscious decisions, especially in the building of Malibu. I am concerned about the longevity of the sea creatures, animals, and the plants. We've got some growing up to do. Many decision makers are not acting responsibly. They don't realize that they are stewards of this planet. The danger is that the damage they're doing is permanent and irreversible.

CF: Is there anything people can do? You use many tools to bring about change, such as affirmations and meditation.

AT: To effect more planetary changes, each person has a responsibility to take action by getting involved in an organization that tries to protect our environment because there is power and strength in numbers. The power of the mind is incredible and it can move mountains. I thoroughly believe in envisioning, using affirmations and meditating; just talking, just thinking, just visualizing, is definitely not enough. Action is at the top of the list and a crucial part of getting things accomplished in a positive way.

CF: As a psychic, is this part of how you might guide people to 'see' in general or only on a personal, one on one basis?

AT: Not necessarily. To achieve fulfillment, people come to me looking to create what they want in their lives. In order to accomplish that, being involved is a necessity and going beyond oneself is part of the total package.

Though each person I read for is in an individual place in his/her life, and their mission is of course one of a kind, they do have a mission and they do have something they need to share with the planet, a way to express their love, to the world. And finding that personal expression can be challenging, but that's what my job is, and if they haven't found it, my job is to help them turn the lights on in that area. This is very much part of what I do.

CF: What a wonderful devotion you have!

AT: I'm very blessed to do the work that I do I'm able to see the incredible shift that takes place in my clients' lives when they apply the wisdom that flows through me.

CF: This has everything to do with their general health, spiritually, mentally, physically, financially because they are then in balance and harmony.

AT: Yes. I'm able to identify an area where they may be out of balance, and shortchanging themselves, so to speak.

CF: You are also gifted with the ability to glimpse into the future realms of reality. What are some examples of your psychic experiences?

AT: I had a client who was about to board TWA Flight 800 and I called her the night before and told her I had a feeling about the flight, she was not to get on it and she didn't, thank God. Of course it was her decision whether she was going to or not, but I just didn't feel comfortable with her traveling at that point and as we know that flight crashed.

CF: Did she have any kind of trepidation prior to taking the trip?

AT: She had been feeling nervous, but she didn't know why, whether it was because it was a pretty big trip or what. She was attuned, but not to the degree that as I was.

CF: Do you have a glimpse into the summer season of travel that's coming up because many people are planning to take a trip(s)?

AT: I know the nation is not on high alert at this moment, but I really feel people need to stay alert. I don't want to stop anyone from taking trips; I'm careful about what I say when speaking in general, as each person has their individual Karma to live out.

CF: Some people seem like they have an angel on their shoulder, that no matter what they do, it's just not their time and they can 'walk through fire'.

AT: I feel as far as travel is concerned, each person needs to listen to their own inner voice. If a warning bell goes off, they need to listen to it. It doesn't mean there's going to be a plane blowing up, but it could mean this is not a trip they should be making at this time.

On the other hand, it is summer time, time to lighten up, to enjoy families, get out on the golf course, enjoy the ocean and one needs to live their life in the present moment in time; If they get that heavy feeling in the pit of their stomach, just call me and I'll tell them whether or not they should go (laughter). Go with your plans, but stay grounded in the moment and listen to that inner voice of wisdom that is within all of us.

CF: When you give readings, do people come to you with specific things in mind?

AT: My secretary tells them before they even arrive, to make a list of what they want to know; if they can't identify their questions, they won't recognize their answers. I can answer any question they could possibly have. There is no limit.
Once a person understands that, and starts thinking about what they want to know, answers begin flooding into them, and by the time they get to me, they have a whole new set of questions and clarity has started to form for them.

The way my readings work, before they say anything to me, I start speaking, I let Spirit speak to them and we see what will come through for their highest and best good. My clients love that part. Then we focus on their questions.

This year is a turning point and many of the decisions that are being made will affect peoples' future for the next four years, on a universal level.

CF: The power comes through you from a source. You have been able to focus into 'the' particular power. How does that work?

AT: I believe that all wisdom, for everybody, comes from God. To me God is the highest positive power on the planet, alive in all living things. I believe that when I do a reading, the antennas go up and this power flows through me. I start receiving information that belongs to the person I am reading for. I'm not sure if it's our souls that are connecting, it just flows. It's very deep. I receive in pictures, words, sounds, and vibrations. I believe that our soul is the summation of our consciousness, which lives forever and is one with God.

CF: What do you do to stay in balance?

AT: I work at 'walking my talk'. I exercise, meditate, surround myself with positive, spiritual, loving, caring human beings. It's so important to love and be loved. I believe our lesson as human beings is to learn how to be of service, to learn how to create affluence, not just for ourselves, but for those who don't have, to share and to live the golden rule. We are souls in school, in our challenging world of now, and we can get it right. We can create the miracle of humanity surpassing itself!With all that we've been through in our lives, I still believe we can have peace, love, affluence, fulfillment, and compassion throughout the planet.

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