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Predictions for the New Year

Reprinted From The Malibu Times

By David Wallace       

The turn of the year is a time for introspection and for making resolutions. But it is also a particularly seductive time to speculate on what is in store for the coming year. Accordingly, The Malibu Times sought out predictions from local psychics, a politician and a Malibu architect on what is to come in 2004 both locally and nationally.

Sally Vickers, who styles herself as a soul psychic, which means she works with people in need of healing and understanding the afterlife, said she sees President George W. Bush winning his bid for re-election in November. Fellow futurist, Averi Torres said she also predicts a Bush victory.

"I don't believe in absolutes," Torres said. "I work with high probabilities. The high probability is that George Bush is going to be re-elected."

Both women said 2004 will be a high-risk year for terrorism. But they said that does not necessarily mean violence will occur on American soil.

"I believe in our ability to change such possibilities by being aware, responsible and fully participating in our lives," Torres said.

Torres said her greatest concern for 2004 is earthquakes. She said she has good foresight on when they will occur, claiming to have predicted all of the recent ones. She said this will not be the year of "the big one," but she sees the possibility of a magnitude 7 temblor hitting Japan.

In local politics, Vickers said she sees no end to the usual battles of the pro-growth and no-growth people in 2004.

"It would be nice to see everyone play nice, but I doubt that will happen," she said.

Architect Ed Niles said his hope for 2004 is that the Vision 2020 Team, which is designed to possibly create a long-range vision plan for Malibu, will be an opportunity to put aside the "childish bickering that presently goes on" in the city.

"We must recognize our diversity, which has been mostly ignored throughout Malibu history, but is, in fact, one of our advantages on all levels," he said. "If we don't provide answers, we're not going to go anywhere."

Mayor Ken Kearsley made a prediction that is most likely part of many residents' long-range vision for a better Malibu, more public parks for the city in 2004.

"I predict the City Council will put up two new parks in Malibu this year," he said. "I don't know where they'll be, but I'm pretty sure it will happen."

Returning to the national scene, Torres said it is hard to predict what will happen to Michael Jackson because there are so many variables.

"As we all know with the O.J. trial, the truth doesn't always come out," she said. "I believe he is emotionally unstable. If they are able to prove him guilty, which I doubt, then I think he will go into a mental hospital."

Vickers said she predicts Jackson will get a slap on the wrist even he is found to be guilty, with something along the lines of probation as a punishment.

On a more positive note, Torres, who said she took all of her clients out of the stock market prior to the March 2002 tumble, predicted a good market for 2004. Among the stocks she recommended are eBay, Alcoa and Starbucks.

"2004 is a number six in Tarot, which has to do with business and lovers," she said. "So it will be a good year for businesses and we'll see an increase in marriages. The year will bring about a greater expression of universal will be a loving and creative period for people who maintain balance and harmony in their lives."

Also, Torres said, years have descriptive colors, and the color for 2004 is purple.

"It is a very spiritual, very healing vibration," Torres says.

"Use it as accents."

For those skeptics inclined to write off the psychics' predictions, one should consider the following. Prior to a recent fishing trip off the coast of Mexico, Vickers predicted a spectacular catch. During the trip, her husband, Gerald Steinberg, caught four yellow fin tuna, each over 200 pounds. And Vickers caught one weighing 234 pounds.

So be warned - think purple.

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