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Averi's Thoughts on Procrastination

Dear Cyberfriends,

Your spirit arrives on this plane full of expectancy and willingness to learn and grow. As life experiences accumulate, fear and self-doubt take a larger space in your soul causing you to fear change. A single perceived failure or hurt in your past can plant seeds of fear very deep within you. Fear of failure or rejection, fear of making mistakes, being criticized and even fear of success can keep you feeling powerless and stuck. Habitual procrastination is a symptom of these fears. It also has an addictive power. It is seemingly unobtrusive and therefore much more destructive in its hold on you. You hear your inner voice crying out for the freedom to express itself, but take no action. You allow the guilt. You know you "shoulda, woulda, coulda", but you shut the voice off. You'll listen to it tomorrow.

The beauty of this universe, in which you are co-creator, is in its infinite love and understanding. When you are ready to free yourself from the self-disparaging cycle of guilt and failure, the universe will joyfully show you another way. You can begin by changing the tape inside your head. Listen carefully to what you are saying to yourself when confronted with a task you are avoiding. You may find that the negative thoughts are directly connected to fears and perceived inadequacies within your soul or perhaps messages given to you by others when you were young. Acknowledge these negative thoughts, bless them and release them, immediately replace the negative thought with a positive. As you know from previous newsletters, this is your opportunity to use affirmations. You need to release the negative in order for the positive to find fertile ground to grow and begin to replenish your inner being with light, energy and power.

Putting things off until the last moment is probably the most common form of procrastination. That last moment becomes frenzied with the addictive rush of adrenaline fueled energy where you run around doing all the things you left undone, but not as well as you would have with adequate time and planning. The adrenaline rush you achieve when setting deadlines for yourself can become detrimental to your health and well-being if you use it as a means to motivate to action. This can easily become an addiction. A negative cycle of procrastination, self-doubt, forced deadlines and then adrenaline fueled motion will leave you burned out and fatigued. You can only do it so many times before exhaustion becomes a constant in your life.

Envisioning yourself accomplishing your tasks in a peaceful way with enough time can be immensely helpful. Meditating on your goal and seeing yourself accomplishing them in a positive and relaxed atmosphere tells the universe that you are ready to accept a new way of achieving success for yourself, without burnout. The limitless beauty of this universe that you have helped create is always ready to light the path to your happiness. All it needs is your readiness to accept the light.

So begin by setting small, reachable goals for yourself. Write out a list of at least 8 things you have been putting off which need to be done. Win back your lost self-confidence by setting attainable goals. Meditate on the vision of yourself completing those items in a peaceful and harmonious way. Once one is accomplished, move on to another. One small step is all it takes to raise your vibration to create greater self love. Almost immediately you'll see changes in yourself and your world. You will find yourself doing things instead of putting them off. Your goals will be easily attainable and your need to procrastinate will disappear. Step by tiny step you will accomplish the things that you want and need while replenishing your soul with new energy to carry you to ever greater heights of inner peace and contentment.



  • I deserve and accept all the happiness and abundance God can give me.

  • Life supports me in every way possible.

  • I do the most productive thing possible at every given moment.

  • I am present to the miracles of life and am living an extraordinary one now.

  • I create enough time and plan ahead to accomplish all things of importance in my life.


For additional affirmations and info on how they work, check out these affirmations.

 For information on scheduling your appointment for a reading, please contact my assistant, Dave at the office 310 457-1165, and he will give you the details.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,



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