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Dear Cyberfriends,

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and are entering a wonderful holiday season ahead. This is a great time to focus on and appreciate how far you have come in your growth. It is a time to reflect on the love you have given and received. It is a perfect time to acknowledge your efforts and to contemplate the power of fearlessly having challenged your spirit to ever higher fulfillment. It is a time for gratitude and appreciation for the love, joy, good health and awareness that exists in your life.

The concept of limitless abundance is not always easy to grasp. We tend to focus on what we donít have instead of opening our souls to the limitless energy that surrounds us and dwells within us; a light always ready to manifest that which we desire at any given moment. Your surroundings are a reflection of that which you have projected from your soul.

If you focus on lack you minimize the light force creating frustrating and unhappy experiences for yourself. You stifle the creation of abundance in all areas of your life when you allow feelings of unworthiness and doubt into your consciousness. When envisioning a desire it must always be unconditional. You cannot ask for more love while believing you lack deservability, a bigger and better car while doubting your ability to pay for the gas, nor can you wish for a better job, while lacking belief in your own intelligence. The mixed signals you project will only manifest into mixed experiences: love will appear but quickly disappear; Money for a new car wonít materialize or that new and better job will fall through.

The universe does not understand lack. There is an overabundance of everything that is good waiting for you. In its infinite wellspring of love, the light knows only to create what is desired and asked for. The only limits are the ones you set when you temper your visions with fear and doubt. Create abundance for yourself by reaching for the stars! The wondrous power of positive reinforcement invigorates the soul and opens the gateway between you and the endless bounty that awaits you. Show the universe that you are ready to accept this bounty by gratefully allowing your soul to expand and open itself to the profusion of love, joy, wealth and health that exists for your pleasure. There is no need to limit yourself with details and worries about how to get what you want. Have faith that there is enough out there for everyone and what you need will be yours!

The power in you that co-created this amazing universe will take care of you. As you begin to envision clear desires, that power will show itself in so many amazing ways. You will begin to receive through channels that were previously blocked by negative thoughts. Appreciation and gratitude will well up within you as you look around you and witness the manifestations of your positive thoughts materializing in your life.

The importance of appreciation and gratitude must not be underrated. It is a gift to bless and appreciate the good things that you have in your lives and the role that you played in creating them. Be grateful for friendships, good health, work and the precious relationships you do have.

During this time of thanksgiving;

1. Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for and bless each one.

2. Make a list of 5 things you want to change or create and give thanks, this will be done.

When you focus on what is good and wonderful in your life you will magnify and multiply it. You will energize it and attract more of the same to you. Take this time to acknowledge the power and light within your soul and all that results from it in your life. So much can be accomplished by remembering that words and thoughts create your world and the power to change your world is within you.


On this day of Thanksgiving I am delighted to be alive and give thanks for the light shining through me, given to me by God, without limitations.


The following link will take you to an article in the Malibu Times dated 1/1/04 wherein I predicted the Bush victory. If interested, please check this out at

You may also enjoy reading the newest stock prediction tribute at

For more information about the magical energy I share and how it can help you, please contact my assistant Dave at 310 457-1165, or email us and we will call you.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones!

Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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