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Spring into New Beginnings

Are you seriously ready to create change in your life? Did you make new year’s resolutions that have already fizzled? Well, Spring is the best time to begin a new program or re-ignite a plan that has lost its fire. In the ebb and flow of life nothing is more reviving than to feel you have the opportunity to start again. In fact, every morning when you awake you have the chance to be reborn anew. Before you start your day, take some time to acknowledge that everything is new. Take a deep breath and breath in a new take on life.

From March into April the planets are aligned to have a focus on all types of relationships and commitments – that means commitments both to yourself and others. If yours is a health or fitness regimen then you are particularly supported by the astrological forecast this month. March is always a month for transformation. The beginning of the month it is still Winter but by the end of the month we are already in Spring. It’s beneficial at this time to reacquaint ourselves with our deepest beliefs and to strengthen our determination. This is a wonderful time to get in touch with loved ones and friends that we care for but haven’t kept up with.

It is also important to know that March 21 , marks the end of an economic slowdown and restructuring phase initiated November 7, 2004. That shift in energy will be important in your life if you know how to work with it, one way being that it is the time to move ahead by creating new forms and agreements with yourself and with others. Those who have become leaner and wiser will benefit now by the consequences of their choices.

On March 25, 2005 we have an unusually powerful Full Moon in Libra, the sign of love, abundance and relationships. We are now ready for new growth and new life. This moves us into April with good tidings. This is an auspicious time for meeting and joining forces with people who can mentor you or support you in your endeavors. Like the ancient Druids and Kabbalists who captured the Moon’s maneuverings in order to harness it’s power, you can make sure your activities and intentions are well aligned with the rhythms of the moon. Great leaders in history have been known to consult with psychics to insure success and to gain the understanding of how to read and harmonize with the energy on the planet, why shouldn’t you?

Also, a reminder to you - Mercury is in retrograde and has been since March 19, going direct April 12th – my clients well know the meaning and importance of this planetary change…especially that this is a time to double check our facts and figures and make sure that where you are heading is where you really want to go.

The first thing you need is an intention. What is it you intend to do? What is it exactly and specifically that you wish to create in your life? With the help of Spirit, anything is possible as long as we know what we want. It’s time to make or refresh your wish list. You need to let Spirit know that you are ready to commit fully to your dream and are clear as to what that is. It might be helpful for you to pick an object or photo that is an image signifying your intention. Some people cut pictures out of magazines, another may have a rock that serves as a touchstone. I’ve known people who light candles (you can do this, not have someone else do it for you!), others enjoy the energy from gemstones, jewels or crystals. You can also write it out in words and keep it in a place visible to you. Take some time each day to focus on your intention. You can use anything that comes to mind as long as it expresses your intention.


The following is an example. You can use this or create your own affirmation if you would like.


I am now on my path toward my goal of _______________. Every day in every way I move toward my goal with ease. Without causing harm to anyone I am empowered and invigorated by the very thought of my goal. I allow others to assist me in this endeavor. I allow myself the happiness and gratification of achieving this aim.

ENERGY, strength, peace, Light and affluence are connected to my every step on this path to my aspiration. I am grateful and humbled by the joy of knowing that I can create this reality and that the beauty and bounty of life is mine to behold. I give thanks to God this is done and so I let it be.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones!

Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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