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With so much pleasure and pain in this dimension of reality, if you will allow me, I want to share with you one more step to help you move gracefully between the world of Spirit and the world of matter. The next four weeks will be like a steam cooker with a great deal of spontaneous energy and a valve will be necessary to release the tension and energy built on distrust of self in a positive way. The ability to make good choices during this time is crucial to the successful completion of your current goals.

You have been gifted from Spirit with free will choice Ė choice is how you channel your life onto the physical plane. Do you know the five ingredients in creating your reality? They are belief, attitude, thought, feeling, and choice.

Choice is perhaps the most powerful and active ingredient you need in creating change. Your reality can not change until you make new choices. You can change your attitude, thoughts and feelings but until a choice is made, you have not activated, energized or attracted anything new into the space around you.

Choice is focusing your intention. It makes you aware of who and what you are giving attention to. It defines what has meaning and value in your world. What you pay attention to becomes real. If you think about it, these are the things that when acted upon influence who you are and your future self.

Through choice you can override your genetic coding and the haunting of past archaic programming which allows you to be free in the moment, a necessity to be able to create and manifest the future you want. Choice is the core of joy, love, caring, affluence, confidence, self respect and so much more. Wise choice is necessary to be able to be in your power, responsibly, to help you take advantage of lifeís opportunities, and to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

To make conscious choices, you must know who within you is doing the choosing. Is it your child, adult, ego? The answer is important. Knowing who is making the choice can give you tremendous insight into your inner self and prevent you from making painful mistakes. Being conscious of who is choosing can be empowering, enlightening and quite magical indeed.

I invite you to join me in a gentle visualization to imprint the knowledge and power shared in this message:

Take three deep breaths and on the final exhale see yourself surrounded in white Light. This is the Light of Godís peace, love, balance, harmony and protection. This Light raises your frequency to greater God consciousness so you can access and receive greater wisdom when making choices.

Bring to mind the times you made right choices, wise choices, happy choices, wonderful and successful choices... as you remember these, feel the joy, elation and gratitude that you experienced each time you made perfect choices. Bring that feeling into the present moment.

See your feelings become a liquid which you transmit into a small bottle. Now let the Light also flow into your bottle. See it becoming a bright and twinkling elixir of Light. Put a cap on your bottle and put it in a safe place.

When needed, just envisioning this bottle of Light will align you with the awareness necessary for wise choices. Please use this visualization seven days in a row and you will see changes which will give you the courage, intention and magic necessary to make wise choices in creating your life.


        I make wise choices with results that are incredible, holy, abundant and aligned with Spirit.

        I choose to be responsible for my finances and for creating greater wealth and affluence in my life and do so now.

        I attract more Light, love and prosperity to me through my ability to choose wisely.

        I choose to step up the ladder to experience more God/Goddess, all that is beyond time and space.

Please share this with your friends and loved ones!

Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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