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On Being a Cosmic Sponge

Three months ago the eclipse opened new areas of growth. The planetary energies are nudging us now to move in the new directions that were opened then. You are being shown the areas where you need the most focus to be able to manifest your soul's mission. What is the universe saying to you personally? I believe it is:

(1) To take your power seriously.

(2) To remember each of us is a creator and fully responsible for our reality.

(3) To become more aware of where we have allowed others to define our self worth.

(4) To manifest our unique gifts.

(5) To create from Love and Light rather than fear and negativity.

We all have people in our lives, friends, co-workers, family members who are filled with negativity and fear– you can just know they will shoot down your ideas, tell you why what you want to do won’t work, generally be negative and whiney. Negativity can be exhausting to be around but you can never let anyone pull you off course. It is very important to keep your light bright and to stay focused on your goals. When it is not possible to remove that person from your life, how do you deal with a negative person?

Many times it is not what the other person is saying or doing that is negatively impacting you but what you are feeling which creates your reaction to what is being said. If the person hits a sensitive spot within you, look at that, ask yourself, why is this bothering me? What do I need to learn from this experience? Use your intuition to read yourself and understand yourself and your feelings better. This is a very important technique I teach my clients - how to psychically monitor themselves. These are the lessons which help to increase your psychic ability to be able to read another and to see the future. A good psychic most definitely can read themselves if they choose to learn how to use their gifts in that way and you can as well.

The next time someone says something negative to you, pay attention to what message you then give yourself. Instead of being negative in your own thoughts, use a more positive statement, a positive affirmation like “I relax and let the energy and wisdom of the light flow through me making clear what I feel, see and know".

Understand that another’s negativity is not always about you. It most likely is about them – the part that is about you is the importance of reading the situation clearly, correctly and not walking away with the other person’s “schmutz” (emotional baggage) inside of you! Your soul is like a cosmic sponge and making sure you absorb more light is your mission.

A powerful exercise to do when encountering a negative person is to consciously transmit light to shift their vibration. You may be very surprised at their reaction and the changes it will bring about. As they speak to you, allow yourself to transmit light, the color pink (for love) is good, to their third eye from your third eye. Do not make a funny face or smile inappropriately as it most assuredly will be misinterpreted (and I will not be held responsible for the trouble you will create). Use the magic of your compassion…give light, love and understanding. There is no need to explain what you are doing. Perhaps send an affirmation their way by holding the thought form, “I transmit to you peace of mind, healing and the blessings of light” even as they speak.

Lastly, an exercise you can do daily to protect your energy from negative vibrations is to wrap yourself in white light every morning as the day begins. Simply envision yourself sitting in the center of the sun with the light flowing through you. This is the light of God's peace, love, balance, harmony and protection and you are setting up a powerful energy force field converting any negative energy sent in your direction into positive power for your use.

Reminder, Mercury is going retrograde July 22nd through August 15th. Make those major decisions and sign contracts before or after those dates but during that time focus more on research and preparation. As my clients know, Mercury is a planet of the mind and when it is in retrograde, confusion and misunderstandings can take place in communications and with electronics. This is not the best time to buy a car. The key is to be prepared with this knowledge of what is going on around you, influencing your world so you can have the power and control to stay on the right path...and so we let it be.


For information about my readings and how, through my abilities to see the future, I can help you create your dreams and visions now, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165 or email us at

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