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Refresh, Realign & Refocus

Now that we are moving towards the end of summer, I hope you have enjoyed and are taking advantage of the fun and activities of this time of year.

We are so often caught up in making the most of every free moment that we don't take the time to breathe in the summer air and actually feel the sunshine deep into our souls.  This is a perfect time of year to not only relax, but to refresh, realign and refocus!

While you are sitting at the pool, on the beach or even taking a quiet moment in your own yard to sip a cool beverage, take a few minutes to reflect on the bounty in your life and on all the daily moments of happiness that the universe has bestowed.

Recognize that YOU have created and drawn into your life this bounty and happiness by focusing positive energy towards these things which are now part of your experience. If there are areas in your life that need "refreshing", it's a perfect time of year to refocus and create change.  There is an enormous amount of positive energy present during these long light-filled days of summer - you can see it all around us in the way people carry themselves, smile more, and seem more patient and relaxed. You feel it yourself and you can use that energy not only to feel uplifted, but to uplift your life.

Tap into this energy, feel the happiness and joy of the present moment that naturally comes with this season- it is bringing the first step in creating greater healing and abundance in our lives.  When you visualize your goals, see them as part of your present life, in the here and now as opposed to the future. Allow yourself to hold onto the feeling of pure JOY, the relaxed feeling of knowing everything is taken care and will be fine for you, that you are loved and cared for - in doing this, you are actually creating a powerful force of energy around yourself, like a magnet which will continue to attract even more abundance and peaceful moments!

If you would like to increase your Light and abundance, take a special moment now. Please allow me to join with you and the energy of your soul.

Sit quietly in a relaxed state.  Breathe deeply, three deep inhales and exhales, then on the fourth inhale, hold the breath in to the count of four and exhale out to the count of six.  The breath is your conscious union with the Divine force.


Picture a clear blue sky overhead; hear the birds singing, feel the sun streaming down around you, a slight warm breeze over your skin and face. Breathe in the sunlight. Let the Light of the sun enter your body as you visualize it filling you from head to toe and warming your soul. Think of all the incredible blessings in your life. Think of the happiness and joy that is present every day, the love and laughter of family and friends, the loving look in the eyes of your animals when they see you approaching, the peacefulness of the present moment. Be thankful for the positive energy and love of Spirit already present within you and allow yourself to feel this energy expand, becoming brighter with every breath of sunshine that you take in. This is the Light that fills the darkness and gives you the power to create abundance and change, to refresh, realign and refocus and so we let it be.


        I deserve and will allow the Light to bring to me what I need which is better than what I give myself.

        I absorb the Light and reflect back to the Universe the peace, harmony and focused energy that magnetically attracts all I desire.

        Life is a gift from Spirit and I now allow myself to fully receive the gifts that Light bestows upon me.


For information about my readings and how, through my abilities to see the future, I can help you create your dreams and visions now, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165 or email us at

Make sure you also check out the powerful meditation tapes and MP3 downloads. People who are using my meditations are reporting remarkable results.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,



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