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In December I was interviewed by the Malibu Times for my 2006 Predictions. You can read the article and additional predictions by clicking here.

We started the beginning of last year (2005) with a message about the importance of having a clear vision of your desire to start the creation process in your life (to read my entire 05 article on visualization, click here.) It is important that you have this in motion to get magical results from our next step: Intention.

To get to where you want to go, you need a clear declaration of intent. When you set forth and state with power your clear intention, you are telling Spirit and the creative forces in the universe that you are ready to proceed. This action aligns your conscious and subconscious mind and attracts to you the resources you need for this accomplishment. Your word brings with it, commitment.

Commitment is the willingness and ability to work at making something happen after the initial burst of energy wears off, nothing is ever accomplished without it.

How you state your intention matters you do not say "I think I will pick up a piece of paper" but you say "I will pick up the paper" and you do. When you say you will, you affirm to yourself that you are going to take an action. If you say you plan to do something or you say you "will try" to do something, you are giving yourself a message of inaction, possibly failure.

 Listen to what you say to yourself. Look ahead to see the reason to do what you are setting out to do. It will help to create the actions and motivation you need to move forward.

Take the time to visualize a job well done, the accomplishment of what you are intending to do. Allow yourself to take a few clearing breaths and feel the moment of completion and success. This too can be used as positive motivation to get you into action.

Commitment and stating your intent is a way to achieve motivation in the present which connects to the completion of your goals in the future.   



Spirit heals me at the deepest level of my being.

I allow more Light to flow in everything I say, everything I do and in everything I am.

My intention allows the healing of Spirit at the deepest level of my being and I also use this energy to help others who need healing financially, emotionally and spiritually.

My Light burns bright made visible for all to see, to feel, to know and so we let it be.


For information about my readings and how, through my abilities to see the future, I can help you create your dreams and visions now, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165 or email us at

Make sure you also check out the powerful meditation tapes and MP3 downloads. People who are using my meditations are reporting remarkable results.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,



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