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Growth and Evolution

Do doubts and negative thoughts zap your energy, making you feel tired and overwhelmed with your life? Have you planned a joyful experience and yet find yourself second guessing the whole time? Is your life rewarding and yet you seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop? Media assaults and legitimate concerns contribute to your worrying that is for sure. But whatever your reality, the truth is, worry never solved a problem or saved a life. In fact, doctors have proven that an increased risk of cognitive decline is connected to worrying - not to mention other health concerns created by worrying which will cause constriction and attract the very problems you most fear.

I like to tell my clients that worry is 80% interest paid on monies which never comes due.

The easiest and quickest way to validate and release your worry of course is to call me - A common question I have been asked through my 40 years of doing psychic readings is “Averi, is my fear justified or am I projecting my own fears into this situation to keep me from achieving my goal, moving forward and/or being hurt?” I can tell you immediately whether your worry is valid and action needs to be taken or if this is being created from a past experience seeping into the present. At times, it may be valid, as it is your Future Self confirming to you that taking the present actions you are planning can and will bring about the very thing you fear most.

It is important not to just disregard your worry without examining it for validity. This could be your inner voice talking to you so it is obviously worth an investment in your time to explore it and find whether it is reality or fiction.

Another way to put your worries into focus is to write them down in a journal. This helps with clarity. Once written down you have an increased perspective that allows you to problem solve more effectively. After writing the problems out, trust that Spirit, your partner with infinite wisdom, will give you answers and insights.

There is always a solution, an answer, just waiting your quieting of the mind to be able to hear it. And often, solutions to your concerns will come to you in natural, divine ways, perhaps while driving your car, playing with your kids, hiking in the woods, watching TV, making love with your partner and even in your dreams. You will be shown the path you need to take.

Please regularly clear your mind of worrisome thoughts and affirm: "Thank you God for making clear to me my divine right next steps now."

When rushing around in life it is so easy to lose perspective. Being challenged and experiencing a full life is invigorating and exhilarating. Take a slow, luxurious deep breath now; make a conscious decision not to worry but to use the above affirmation every time a negative confusing worrisome thought appears. There is a master plan on this universe and even in the chaos, everything will work in your life for your highest and best good... for the growth and evolution of your soul and so we let it be...



  • Thank you God for making clear to me my divine right next steps now.

  • Spirit goes before me, making safe my way. I am protected every step of the way.


For information about my readings and how, through my abilities to see the future, I can help you create your dreams and visions now, call my assistant, Dave at 310 457-1165 or email us at

Make sure you also check out the powerful meditation tapes and MP3 downloads. People who are using my meditations are reporting remarkable results.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,



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