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On Creating Abundance

Whatever your dreams may be, succeeding will require that you perceive and receive from the spiritual and physical viewpoints. If you focus on one without the other you will create problems you do not need to experience. If you live only in the physical world, you will experience fear and shortage. If you live only in the spiritual, you will have difficulties in accomplishing and completing your soulís purpose for choosing life at this time. You did choose to be on planet earth at this time. You did choose the lessons you are creating for yourself.

There are certain universal laws governing the physical world such as gravity, cause and effect, circulation, among others. Combining these laws with the use of our free will, gives us the power to choose what we will manifest, experience and obtain. A good example, for instance, just because a person ignorantly says ďwe are having bad timesĒ, does not mean that Spiritís unlimited supply of abundance is a reality for everyone. It does however, affect this personís experience of supply and how the person feels and behaves.

Every effect has had a cause which began with your thoughts. A mind only of the world perceives scarcity, as this mind is not anchored in Spirit and focuses on diminishing returns, lack, and eventually experiences an inner emptiness. A mind which resides in Spirit, realizes that we lives in abundance, there is more than enough for everyone. That whatever we desire already exists in Spirit and it is our job to learn to channel that energy to the physical plane and bring it into the physical reality.

Using the Universal law of circulation means to give that which you want to receive. In order to receive you must act, do the thing, and give of your talents, money, time and most importantly, love. Giving with love opens the faucet of opulent flow, miserliness will turn off the flow. Remember there is an overabundant unlimited supply of Divine power, intelligence, love, peace and happiness available for you at all times. Regardless of the external situations you may temporarily find yourself in if you stay focused on Spirit, you will be spiritually and materially enriched far beyond that which you can imagine. That is my prayer for you, Godís prayer for you and so we let it be.


I have complete faith, confidence and trust in my inner self and Spirit. I am an open channel to bring more Light to the planet and to create and attract in my world, all that is my heartís desire.


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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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