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Attaining Your Soul's Purpose

Staying aligned with a full time focus on the positive, prosperous and path of love is a necessity if you are serious about attaining your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. You must learn how to control your thoughts because if you do not control your mind, it will control you. God/Goddess gave us a mind to reflect the spiritual universe and to help us navigate in this world so we can achieve our spiritual and physical purposes.

Envy, resentment, remorse and fear are epidemic as we approach the year 2007. The teachings I share with you as well as the Kaballah wisdom tells each of us how important it is to protect ourselves from the evil eye, self limitation and lack of faith in Spirit. To live the path of divine feelings, we must keep the mind steadily focused on truth and not allow it to immerse itself into the quicksand of apprehension and doubt.

It is challenging to live the sacred principals that rule this world. The easier but unconscious practice is to make others the cause and blame others for what is not working in your life, for your unhappiness, for your lack of prosperity, ambition, lack of love, lack of good health. Since this approach doesn’t work in changing anything in your life, why bother with it?

An enlightened person is going to search and find the answer to change life situations which are not working. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different outcome, what does that say about you?

The solution is simple – you have heard it many times from me and from mystics throughout the ages, but the work is challenging and that is why so many give up and stay stuck. It is in walking through the challenges that you build courage, character, stamina, and backbone…it is through the challenges that you learn integrity and the lessons you need for your soul's evolution in this lifetime.

Stop judging the world by outer appearances and go inward towards your divine self. Through this supernatural power you will attract a perfect reflection of your inner beliefs. That is why it is so important to consistently believe in and focus your mind on God within, the perfection of your inner Spirit, your Light as well as the Spirit and Light of all those around you. As you know, this is the secret to happiness, prosperity, Light and a love filled world. Go for it! And so we let it be...


I accept the challenge to live the sacred principals of life.

I do my part to contribute to a prosperous, love filled world. By doing so, I release all darkness from my past lives, creating greater light and abundance NOW.

Life supports me completely when I trust rather than fear.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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