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Meditation on Love

Originally Published 2/11/1999


Dear Cyberfriends,

  I send you E-blessings of love and light for Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy the following meditation I’ve created for you…

  Please relax now. Take a deep luxurious breath in and slowly let it out. Take another deep wonderful breath in and exhale it out slowly. One more deep breath. Exhale out. The breath is your conscious union with the Divine Force.

  As you do this meditation, allow yourself to love. Visualize in the area of your heart, a white light, first just twinkling, sparkling, then becoming larger and more radiant. Enlarge this light until you can feel the light throughout your whole body. Now make that light larger than your body, expand it outward. Stay there for a moment and feel the warmth and bliss from this expanded light. Feel peaceful and safe.

  Visualize this light turning to pink, like a pink mist, pink, the vibration of love. Allow this vibration to pulsate through you, renewing your awareness that all things are possible with love. Accept this feeling of love. Allow yourself to feel this love expanding your heart. Permit yourself to love more and more - feeling more and more love. Feel the light throughout your entire body and expanding outward even more.

  As you sit there, visualize sparks of light going on around the planet. See others awakening, their lights coming on, first white then pink. These light waves now touch one another, like stars lighting up the earth. See them becoming intense energy centers of love, charging each person to grow, to become, to love more and be loved more. See light flowing, see love flowing, healing and harmonizing the human and animal family, love transmitted to mother earth, the planets and all the galaxies beyond. Feel this sense of oneness, feel the bliss, feel the joy.

  Now prepare to return to the room you are in. Be gentle with yourself as you return to the outer awareness. Think to yourself, “I feel love, I give love. I am love.”

  As I return your computer to you, take a deep breath, ground yourself, smile, and be aware of your awakened heart.

With Blessings of love, light, affluence & bliss.


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