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Ocean Breeze

A Mini-meditation for Grounding

Let's pause in the now moment, and ground your energy. Take a deep, slow breath in through your nose, filling your lungs, and exhale sharply through your mouth. Take in another long, luxurious breath down to your toes, and this time, slowly let it out through your nose. Keep doing this slow, deep breathing as the breath is your conscious union with the Divine Force.

Now imagine a cord entering the top of your head and running down to the center of the earth. (You can imagine in words or picture form, eyes open or closed -- there is no wrong -- it all works.)

ocean.jpg (28449 bytes)You are now in a grounded  space, and it is safe to  visualize yourself standing at ocean's edge. Feel the warmth of the sun surrounding you, the sand under your feet, and a slight sea breeze as you watch the waves ebb and flow, reminding you that your life has a similar rhythm -- an ebb and flow -- and that you are an infinite being filled with unlimited possibilities for success and fulfillment. Stay here for a moment. Allow yourself to feel and be the peace of this moment and to take it back with you in all that you do and are today. Allow yourself to radiate out the sunlight and feel the warmth reflected back to you through all those you meet, and so we let it be.


Affirmations for Today

"I am the light of the universe."

"My light is bright, reflecting out, made visible for all to see, to feel, to know."

"I manifest success with each and every breath."


With blessings for bliss, fulfillment, affluence and joy,

Malibu's Resident Psychic

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