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Averiís Global Predictions for a New Year

January, 2007

Malibu's local psychic says that international unrest predicted for the New Year powerfully can provide a stage for personal attainment.

By Melonie Magruder / Special to The Malibu Times

Wisdom ... greater responsibility ... enlightenment. These are the attributes Americans can look forward to in the New Year, predicts Averi Torres, Malibu's resident Malibu's Resident Psychic®,.

Torres has been casting predictions for more than 30 years and her clients have included Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood celebrities and even U.S. presidents, though she demurs specifying any particular client.

Averi Torres with her dog,
Spirit, at Malibu Bluffs Park.

Torres said that 2007 will offer the seeds of a new consciousness.

"In Tarot, 2007 is a number nine year, which is representative of the hermit. He brings wisdom and light, is symbolic of attainment of perfection and completion," she said.

Torres was born psychic but became aware of her psychic abilities at the age of 18, when she called her father after a sudden and unexpected premonition. "I telephoned my father and told him that I just had the weirdest image of Grandfather dying in his arms," she said.

"My dad told me not to worry about it, just as my grandfather was walking into Dad's office. He had a heart attack right there and died in my fatherís arms."The terror of such unexplained insight notwithstanding, Torres began to "tune in" more and more to such visions and gradually turned her gift into guidance for herself and others.

"It's very scary to be able to see such things," Torres said. "And when younger, I didn't know where it was coming from. Today it is very clear that God is my source and that this is a power to be used for the good of humankind."

Her predictions proved to be eerily accurate and her client list grew. Today, she is a busy spiritual guide in a part of the country known for many who claim to have an inside line into the future and seek confirmation or the tools and techniques necessary to do so from Averi.

When asked about what the New Year could be expected to bring, Torres was cautiously optimistic: "This should be an important year for spiritual growth, leading to outstanding creative development, if people embrace personal responsibility. The ultimate weapon we have, as thinking human beings, is individual choice."

Torres acknowledged that the world presents certain challenges right now, with Middle East conflict, a global war on terror, expanding nuclear capabilities and rising xenophobia. But she said that this international unrest provides a stage for personal attainment.

"Each individual must deal with what they create in their own lives," she said. "That's the challenge. But the universal energy that can be received in 2007 will bring about self-acceptance and self-confidence to gird against lack of community. We, as people, are a microcosm of the macrocosm, the larger stage of the world and our personal acceptance applies to nations as well as individuals."

In other words, what we do unto others in our personal lives will be returned tenfold on the stage of the world.

Torres grew up in Utica, N.Y. and came to California in 1965. She met her husband Dennis, one day in 1969 and they were married six weeks later.

When former First Lady Nancy Reagan's celebrated reliance on psychic guidance became known, Torres' career path hit the mainstream.

"My visions are quite specific," she explained. "I had a dream one night about a certain client, whom I hadn't seen in several weeks, and called her the next day to ask if she planned on flying anytime soon. She was booked on the TWA flight 800 to Paris . I told her I had a bad feeling and she didn't board. Of course, we know what happened."

As to what world developments can be expected in the New Year, Torres reeled off a list: "Cuba will have a new president. The hot spots of the world will be in North Korea, Israel and Lebanon, of course, and Paraguay and the Philippines. I do feel the scientists are calling the global warming phenomenon accurately and we will have similar natural disasters in 2007 as in 2006. I am very optimistic about the new Congress and feel they will make great strides. However, I see more problems with terrorism in Spain, Australia and France. I am concerned about the ports of Los Angeles and other ports as well and terrorists using trucks."

And, finally, "Iran will have nuclear weapons in the near future and it will spark an arms race across the Middle East."

But Torres concluded that every citizen, with a concerted effort at combating a war-like mindset, can affect a negative outcome. It is essential this year to turn it that mindset into something positive.

"The hermit tells us that we can achieve compassion and tolerance," she said. "Our true power is in our mind, heart and soul and we must use loving ways to deal with storms that face us individually and as a nation."

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