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Los Angeles Asian Journal - November,27, 1992

Malibu's Resident Psychic Is Simply the Best

Engaging from the moment you set eyes upon her, this tall, striking lady greets you with a warm smile, captivating eyes and a radiant glow. The many crystals in the surrounding room reflect the shimmering Pacific ocean just outside her beachfront home. Immediately you feel unexplainably at ease, enveloped by a loving energy.

In describing her gift, Averi tells you "I am very much in the now! The future is always coming", she says "and the past is gone. If we live in the past, we dissipate the power we need in the present to create the future we want."

This is the focus of her psychic energy. With it she empowers her clients to gain control of their life thus creating joy, love, health, peace and prosperity. Just being in her presence you sense the ability to do what she says.

"I believe that only 1% of what happens is predictable," she tells me, "the rest we create. But if there is something out there lingering in the future I pick it up. It's just a 'knowing'".

When discussing the future Averi emphasizes strongly that she is not a fortune teller. "A fortune teller predicts," she explains, "thereby planting seeds in your mind which are then acted upon and you find that you have made the fortune teller's predictions come true. That's taking your power away. What I do," she continues, "is to increase my client's power, not take it from them!"

Averi stresses her desire to help her clients tap into their own psychic ability. "The ideal," she tells me, "would be to help them manifest their own power to the point that they no longer need me. I have the power to do that and that's what I strive for."

It must work, for Averi's walls are covered with photos of her clients; many signed with glowing endorsements. They include two recent U.S. presidents, a number of senators and congressmen, film and T.V. celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and many successful looking people I do not recognize. Averi calls them "just ordinary people who are extraordinary to me." She has guidance for everyone.

Averi believes in the inherent truth in all religions. "Within all is the same universal truth, only the interpretation differs. I believe that Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad were all sons of God. Everyone on the planet is a child of God and God is within all of us. I help people to find the answers within themselves, to listen to the voice within, urging them forward to become more loving and to allow themselves to be loved." Averi says she asks people not to be judgmental of others or of themselves. "We are so critical," she tells me, "We must learn to love one another and ourselves."

As a member of the Los Angeles Times' prestigious but unofficial "Board of Psychics," Averi foresaw in 1988 and again in 1989 the upcoming recession and advised readers not to leverage. The same advice she gave her clients who were able to properly prepare in advance.

In 1991 the Times published Averi's warning of an unsuccessful attempt on President Bush's life and in 1992 the L.A. riots; the two devastating hurricanes; the Landers earthquake and those in Big Bear, Desert Hot Springs, Barstow and Yucca Valley.

Because of her extraordinary abilities she is frequently in demand for television, radio and as a leader of seminars and groups.

To the local community she may be known as "Malibu's Resident Psychic" and to her Hollywood clients as "The Industry's Psychic," but by all appearances, to her thousands of clients around the world she is simply the best.

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