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The Malibu Times

December 6, 2001

Malibu Psychic Shares Views on 2002

Averi Torres, beginning her 22nd year as Malibu's Resident Psychic, does not make predictions; she is not a fortuneteller. She believes in free will and choice. Nonetheless, she is globally renowned for her guidance to clients, a list that reads like a Who's Who of international leaders in government, industry and entertainment. At the end of each year, she intuits for readers of The Malibu Times what she sees in the New Year ahead.

"In 2002," she says, "there will be an even stronger than usual need for self-discipline and self-control. It will be an important year to maintain inner balance and not look outside to blame others. There will be an even greater need to take personal responsibility for one's experiences and to understand the spiritual cause-and-effect of the events of your life."

Averi sees that during the year 2002, more people will grasp the meaning of their soul's mission and finally comprehend the spiritual wisdom that was masked by solely focusing on material gain.
Averi believes that to make the most of the coming year we will have to create strong foundations in our personal and business lives that will be needed for the challenging days ahead. "That which is created in 2002 will last a lifetime."

"Money and finances need to be handled pragmatically," she says, "with savings being a priority. 2002 will be a good time to invest in education, personal spiritual growth and a new home."

"The stock market will remain volatile," she says. "You will need a balanced life and a balanced portfolio." She sees positive gains in blue chip tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial stocks, "especially by the third quarter of the year."

For the Malibu community she sees the following in the year 2002: The recently defeated "Parks" bond will be passed; tourism in Malibu will increase; Malibu merchants will enjoy a better year than they experienced in 2001; no definitive agreement will be reached on what to do with the Civic Center; celebrity purchases and rentals of homes in Malibu will be at an all-time high; Malibu will increasingly be "wedding central" as more people choose to get married here; and lastly, the population of Malibu will grow more from births than from move-ins.

Averi says that the year 2002 will present "a door of opportunity through which to pass into a new life both here on Earth and beyond."

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