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Rebirth Your Intuition

Dear Cyberfriends,

We all have an inner voice that can tell us things about our lives and ourselves that we should listen to. Many times we would be so much better off if we spent more quiet time listening to ourselves instead of the constant chatter of our surroundings. We fill quiet with TV’s, radios, talk and every other kind of outside noise and lose many chances to hear the real truths about ourselves and our soul. Our intuition has become something we don’t always trust anymore because what it tells us doesn’t always coincide with our intellectual need to explain our actions. In this time of turmoil, when there are times that the world looks very scary indeed, reconnecting with our inner voice and following some of those intuitive messages from within can be a wonderful way to stay safe and change things in our lives that are making us unhappy or unhealthy.

I’m sure that at one time or another all of you have said the following: “I knew that was gonna happen!” or, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” or, “I should have gone with my first instinct.”

In most cases we tend to go with what we think we should do intellectually and ignore that first intuitive feeling or voice telling us otherwise. In some cases, we have so much noise going on around us that we don’t even notice that, once again, we let outside forces guide us in directions that may not be right for us. We will do things that don’t “feel” right and then get frustrated when we are unhappy with the results of our actions. We don’t give ourselves the time to sit quietly with our thoughts and wait for inner needs and wants to become audible. Things go wrong, jobs fall through, relationships become uncomfortable, cars break down, money stops coming and we search vainly for reasons to blame others for our problems. Our incredible ability to create harmony and peace in our lives is buried under an avalanche of distractions and noise. We vibrate at such an intensity that we continuously attract into our energy field the equivalent experience which is more of what we do not want.

Our bodies are also wonderfully able to tell us when we are invalidating ourselves by doing things we really don’t want to be doing. We get aches and pains, we get sick, we get lethargic and stiff. If we were to take time to sit quietly and really listen to what our bodies were telling us we would be so much better at understanding our souls. Our fears and frustrations are openly revealed with every stiff neck, headache, backache and sore knee. When the inner voice is ignored long enough the body begins to shout in frustration: “Listen to me!! I’ve got something to say!”

Taking time to listen to your own thoughts can be quite a challenge. Quieting down enough to let the messages through can take time and a concentrated effort to shut off some of the noise that surrounds us most of the time. Find a place that gives comfort and quiet. Sit with the feeling of peace that you have surrounded yourself with and let worries and fears slide away. Picture a warm golden light surrounding you like a soft blanket. Feel the peace and relaxation that fills every part of your body and mind and know that you are part of an incredible, magnificent creating force that contains only love and loving thoughts. Let go of distracting thoughts and slowly clear your mind of things that worry or frustrate you. Give yourself plenty of time to just sit with this peace flowing through you. Float on the tide of healing warmth that flows around you. Now open the doors to your soul wide open and just listen. Listen and watch for the sounds and images that your inner self needs to relay to you. Let them be revealed to you.

All of us have the ability to tap into the Universal place of love and creation. We are all co-creators and therefore all have the gift of an inner voice that can guide us along the path that is right for us. Taking the time to listen to ourselves with love and acceptance can lead to the most amazing discoveries about our own souls. Wonderful things await us within the vast Universe of our inner psyches! Let your soul be heard.


“I quiet my mind and receive the message and music of my soul”.

“Today I reflect the light of my soul to all I meet”.

“Each time I send light, I connect more with spirit and raise the frequency of my vibration”.

“My vibration is spiritually attained, attracting more God, love, money, happiness, peace, and well being into my life and the lives of those around me”.

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Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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