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Transmute Fear into Light

Dear Cyberfriends,

We live in a time of tremendous turmoil, where the words “terror”, “death” and “war” have become commonplace. Since 9/11, the world has become a far more frightening place with vague and not so vague threats to our lives coming at us almost daily. We hear news of killings, bombings, kidnappings and beheadings until we’ve become almost immune to the horror of it.  Fear has become such a common part of all of our lives that we have adapted to it.  Most of the time we don’t even realize that we have allowed it to dictate our actions. We do things and believe in ways that harm us with their negative results.  We treat others badly because we distrust them. We isolate ourselves more and more so as not to be hurt.  We won’t go places or do things because we’re full of so many undefined fears that we’ve become immobilized.

            It is so easy to fall prey to the fear and lose sight of the true power and harmony of the universe.  It is even easier to let fear take over, causing us to lose sight of the real reasons for being on this earth and living this physical existence.  We reach a point when the negativity that surrounds us begins to intrude into our inner sanctuary and wreak havoc on our souls.

“But” you say, “What can I do about all of this?”

 “I have no control over what happens in the world.  It’s out of my hands.”

This is where your own connection with the limitless and universal love in your soul needs to be tapped.  You need to reach down into that place in yourself that brings you closest to the connection between yourself and the creator and reinstate your faith in the power and magnificence of that union.  Fear cannot stand up to the brilliant light of pure love.  By doing this, you are taking back your own power.  You can begin to make changes in your life based on positive beliefs rather than fear-based reactions to your surroundings.  Let yourself feel the reassurance of a higher purpose.

You are not on this plane to suffer.  You did not come to this physical place to live out your life a slave to fear.  Your time in this space is meant for learning and experiencing the millions of facets of the soul; not cowering under black clouds of fear and despair.  Taking your power back shows the universe that you are ready to receive the abundance.  It lets your soul state in a clear voice, “I am unafraid.”  With this newfound freedom you will begin to experience the true beauty of what you have co-created.  And lack of fear is just that: Freedom. 

The first, most constructive step toward winning back your power is to minimize the negativity you allow into your awareness.  You will find that the more you connect with your inner self the less you will be bombarded by fear-based experiences.  The more you focus on the positive, the more positive you will attract to yourself.  As fearful thoughts appear, open your heart to them and surround them with the warm light of love.  Accept them and let them go. They will appear less and less until, ultimately they will disappear. Replace them with a new and powerful affirmation. This new freedom will become your very powerful tool in helping your world become a better place. 

If each of us can do this, we will succeed in making this world what it was meant to be in the first place: A loving, safe stomping grounds for the soul to experience physical lifetimes in order to enrich itself and proceed to that ultimate destination.   This seems like an impossible dream, but it can be accomplished. Regaining the power to contribute positive energy towards the good of the entire universe is a huge step towards bringing us all closer to that goal.  It may seem overwhelming, but by doing this on your own you will set in motion a ripple effect that will have limitless, glorious results.  By casting out the dark clouds of fear from your own life you will help immensely in bringing a brighter tomorrow for yourself and the world. The spark you create will be joined by more and more as people are able to regain their power over fear until the universe is once again brilliant with the warm glow of love.

A reminder, my meditation tape on “Freedom, (Fear Release)” can be found on and may be a big help to you. The mp3s can be downloaded at

I thought you might enjoy this recent email I received from a client, C. Day,  following her reading  


·  I spread the sunshine of my light and good will wherever the darkness of misunderstanding and fear lies.

·  I let go and feel the safety of Spirit for that is my divine right.

·  I open my heart and soul to embrace every aspect of my life without fear and with joy, affluence and gratitude.

·  Today I go within and listen to that quiet still voice and as I do, I empower others to follow and enjoy the miracles of affluence and peace.

For additional affirmations and info on how they work, check out

We are now in a Mars and Mercury retrograde. With so many changes going on and just before the energy of the Jewish New Year, this is a great time to get a reading so you can see the future with me and can chart your course ahead.

Please share this with a friend!

Blessings of love, light, fulfillment and affluence,


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